Lack of Exciting First-Party Studio's & New IPs Should be a Cause for Concern for Xbox Owners

PressA2Join: The cancellation of Platinum Games’ Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive Scalebound at the back end of last year might have come as quite a shock to some fans, to others, it signalled a new low point in the history of the Microsoft-owned brand that strives on a yearly basis to compete with fellow console powerhouse Sony.

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UCForce353d ago

No kidding, Scalebond was something big for MS. But now, they just ruined it. Like I said before, focus too much on power is not gonna help or neither stay in the past too much. There must be a balance.

Resis7ance353d ago

Agreed. The balance has firmly shifted of late in Sony's favour, the gap is widening month by month.

Kingthrash360353d ago

Yeah, it's bleek. But as soon as you show concerns you are a troll fanboi.
I don't know how many times I get accused of saying facts and concerns.
I own a xbox one and barley ever use it.
The new ips don't hold interest and the old ips are a shell of their former selves.
I get mad at this because MS has the money to fix this, but they just don't do it. Instead that just blow money on stuff.
Scalebound but quantum break wasnt?
Fable cancelled but recore wasn't?
Phantom dust remake cancelled but the remaster wasn't?
Make no sense

Resis7ance353d ago

Can't say I care much for the term fanboy or console war, IMO both competing consoles should deliver fresh exciting new IPs along with exclusives for each brand. Sadly at the moment, only one console is performing on that front.

TheKingKratos352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

TBH the more i think about it the more i ask myself why do i care ?
If xbox gamers are happy with what they are getting then let them be happy
i will just stick with my ps4 and pc but if the make xbox exclsuives that i like i will buy the Scorpio and that's it.

blitz0623352d ago

MS doesn't care and we will be reminded again next Thursday that there was a million hours played on Xbox Live, a 6.7% increase YoY, and an annual high of software sales last month

352d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic352d ago (Edited 352d ago )


I think to a degree you should care, things are best when there is competition, the PS4 may not have been as good as it is if the PS3 didn't get a good thrashing at the beginning of the last gen. Sony learnt from their mistakes, Microsoft is repeating some of them (it's actually worse because they're not gaining any traction at all, they're actually losing it).

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skydragoonityx353d ago

I literally wanted to get the xbone because of scalebound.. Well money saved I guess ;)

Resis7ance353d ago

I think a lot of gamers were looking to Scalebound as a sign of the future with Xbox. It was certainly a sad day when Microsoft pulled the plug on the game.

thekhurg352d ago

Ironically a friend of mine and I were planning on getting xbones for the cooperative play on this game. Thankfully it was cancelled before we pulled the triggers.

gangsta_red353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Scalebound was disappointing, but thank goodness there's other games I'm looking forward to like Crackdown and State of Decay.

Which games are you looking forward to UCforce, being an xbox owner and all? There are still more out in the yonder that still should hold your attention.

Nyxus353d ago

Well that's good and all, but personally I'm not interested in Crackdown or State of Decay, and was looking forward to Scalebound. But what's done is done, I just hope they will have something similar to replace it.

LexHazard79353d ago (Edited 353d ago )


State of Decay is the shit. I missed it on Xbox 360 but got it on Xbox One. That game is closest to TWD as you can get. The sense of community. Having to go on runs for matetial and such. Clearing out houses, fortifying camp. Driving around...SoD is awesome. Looking forward to SoD2. That game is looking badass. Most anticipated zombie survival game.

Chevalier352d ago

I am looking forward to Cuphead and Phantomdust remaster the most. Sad that the new remake was canceled.

Raiden352d ago

If the game SCALEBOUND didn't impress like the running demo show at E3 then there is a problem, NO MAN SKY, for all that it promise never happened, MS is not in the position to wanting to deliver a disappointing game look at FABLE, so I understand them cancelling both games, you don't want your customers returning your game hours later because it's no good, I do believe that FABLE and SCALEBOUND ips will return as well as hoping for PGR, the only thing MS needs to do is create more studio's.

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AngelicIceDiamond353d ago

"No kidding, Scalebond was something big for MS." Didn't all of you complain that it didn't look that good for awhile? Now that its gone its something big and compelling?

gangsta_red353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

There was a list of reasons for Scalebound being bad that I read from a few folks. But the best was the main character being a douche because of his Beats headphones.

Which I never understood, he always looked like the typical Japan protagonist who's cocky and over powered.

Scalebound was a miss but what's done is done, especially since it's been how many months since? There are still more games coming and those are the ones I am looking forward to also.

A cause for concern would be if there was nothing on the horizon for Xbox. If nothing was announced or planned, then that would be worrisome. But it is funny to see certain folks who are always "worried" or "concerned" take up so much interest constantly.

LexHazard79353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

And the reason they were gonna buy a Xbox. Lol...

@gangsta, too much dub in his step. 😂😎

freshslicepizza352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

scalebound is like telling a fish store, they both get bigger once they are dead. soon you will see another amazement, all the hype for days gone but miraculously hardly anyone here has any interest in state of decay 2. it's just like the consensus that you can be a huge gran turismo fan but not a fan of forza.

it is pure ridiculousness how someone can be that much of a brand warrior.

on topic, yes microsoft needs to invest more into its own in house studios. been saying that for a long time. but when we have a huge audience here on n4g who hardly give games like forza horizon 3 a second look, hardly say anything at all about sea of thieves, crackdown 3 or state of decay 2 coming but are so upset over scalebound it becomes crystal clear these brand warriors will never go away.

TXIDarkAvenger352d ago

Yep, mostly everyone here hated it and now a certain group of people only started caring when they cancelled it. No doubt the lack of exclusives is a problem for MS but this game looked shit.

johndoe11211352d ago

Cut the bs moldy. Days gone has not even come out yet so you have no idea what it's like. And not just because they are both about zombies means that they are similar games so there is no grounds for comparing the two or criticizing people for being more excited for one over the other.

Chevalier352d ago

I bought an Xbox S and Scalebound was easily my most anticipated game. They really dropped the ball. I won't have anything to buy till Phantomdust.

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dmetripaulpavlin352d ago

I think we can easily trust the people who got to see Scalebound behind closed doors that it was neither exciting or good.... which makes it unlikely a big thing for M$.

TheCommentator352d ago

Platinum Games ruined it with their batshit crazy director, who resigned shortly after he got pulled off MS' teat. I'm sure MS was really happy that Platinum spent their time working on PS4 games instead of what MS paid them to work on. Seriously, a guy like that, who f's up a deal like that, gets forced to resign. Simple.

MasterCornholio352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

"I'm sure MS was really happy that Platinum spent their time working on PS4 games instead of what MS paid them to work on. "

Nope that didn't happen.

Platinum had multiple teams. One of them worked on Scalebound while the other on Nier Automata. Microsoft wasn't funding a PS4 console exclusive if that's what your implying.

Sounds like your just angry at the fact that the Nier team managed to get the job done while the other didn't.

TheCommentator352d ago

I didn't realize there were two teams with different directors. I thought he oversaw both projects so that was my mistake. Thanks for the correction!

With that in mind, he wasn't exactly making progress on Scalebound and many people who saw it behind closed doors said it didn't look that good. There's also still merit to the fact that he was reported to have gone through a nervous breakdown before putting in his resignation. Resignation is usually forced on people in Japan who fail, like Ken Kutaragi. Scalebound is Platinums failure, not MS'.

Also, I'm not interested in Japanese games at all. Almost every single one sucks, IMO. I like "dude bro" shooters and western made games. That's why PS4 has no exclusives besides Uncharted and Horizon that even interest me.

Rimeskeem352d ago

I still don't get the Scorpio. It's powerful but you can get a 1060 which will be better and still play Xbox games on Windows. I guess it's for simpicity.

NatFanBoyRestricted352d ago

You get better performance on console hardware because of the console level of optimization. How don't you get the Scorpio, without getting console in general?

Rimeskeem352d ago


well, for exclusives and such, which xbox no longer has.

Aceman18352d ago

Its the reason i sold my X1 last summer to my friend. Until i see a more varied and consistent flow of new IPs it will be a while before i buy another MS console.

Take some damn risks man, show me yall aint afraid to try MS.

Soc5352d ago

Yeah, what happened? Maybe they were losing too much money in the gaming divisions.
Halo should be a huge franchise instead it's just meh, Forza is doing ok I guess. But pre ps4, I loved my 360 even though the damn thing kept breaking, and my last one died. But I was more of an xbox player and now ps4 reversed all that. I still haven't bought an xbox one, and probably wont. I guess we'll see what they are up to but they are losing a lot of ground.

Cueil352d ago

you're making a ton of assumptions... Phil made a decision based on what he knew... which is far far more then what we knew

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Nyxus353d ago

It certainly is, at least for me.

Jc95353d ago

Not even trying to be negative but when you have two consoles that are so on par with similar capabilities, it really comes down to the exclusives at this point.

Resis7ance353d ago

Sadly though, there's only one winner when it comes to Exclusives.

tinynuggins353d ago

I disagree. I'm content with my xbox one backlog and excited that some of those exclusives that I missed can be played on scorpio later this year. I always hear that xbox has no exclusives but what you mean to say is that they do not have any exclusives that appeal to you. THAT, I can totally get behind because I'm in the same boat with ps4 and wii-u. I've had a ps4 a little over 20 months now and a wii-u since launch and the first game i got was horizon zero dawn and splatoon. That doesnt mean that sony and nintendo don't have exclusives, just few that appeal to me and my family.

The 10th Rider352d ago


One winner . . . Sooooooo, PC?

andrewsquall352d ago

@Jc95 And going by the far superior capabilities with THOSE same exclusives as proof, there is only one winner too.

352d ago
kayoss352d ago

Thats the problem. For you its fine because you have a back log of games for the xbox one. but for the majority of gamers, they want to finish one game and move onto the next game. Thats the problem with the xbox one. Once fans finish one exclusives they're itching for the next one. However, there are none. This is why most people are going to the PS4, not only they have more exclusives, in addition theres something for everyone.

NatFanBoyRestricted352d ago

Yup my TV and monitor say Xbox and PC. Can't wait for Ace Combat now. If only they were BC

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Overload352d ago

It's always been clear as day as to how Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo operate and if having consistent software is important to you and you don't have a PlayStation console, you're doing it wrong.

Krysis352d ago

Consistent exclusive software

CrimsonWing69352d ago

You don't say, Captain Obvious!