Dead Space gets its own special edition

Talk writes:"In a news letter from EA Games, they let know that by pre-ordering Dead Space you'll be able to get your hands on one of the limited and exclusive Art books. It is written by the Development Team and also includes some illustrations."

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IAm1Bearcat3587d ago

$150? while i think the DVD and the 160 page book would be sweet, it comes at a really bad time. I mean, look at all the games coming out, most people aren't gonna fork over 150 bucks (price of 2 new games, and 20 bucks for food / gas) for a special edition.

unless they really, really, really love sci-fi / survival horror games and they arent buying anything else this Holiday season except this, Silent Hill Homecoming & Fallout 3. But i know for me personally, i have alot of games i wanna buy, and spending 150 on this isnt gonna happen.

maybe if they actually had this at gamestop, because i have no idea where an EA Store is.