Resident Evil 4 HD Mod Project - Salazaar's Castle Remade

Resident Evil 4 is Capcom’s 2005 success, which lead Resident evil to a whole new era, while the graphics are now outdated, an ambitious project by a modding team plans on completely revamping the game with HD textures, improved models and correcting level design errors, porting the game into the newer era.

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quent417d ago

The dedication from these guys is inspiring, this is a true passion project

-Foxtrot417d ago

It's sad Capcom re-released RE4 for this gen and it looked worse then this

They should hire these guys and re-release RE4 in the future where it looks something like this, if not better

quent417d ago

Unfortunately Big publishers will always put maximizing profits first, vs effort/time put into a project, sadly.

BUT RE2RM, CANT WAIT for that one, after that Capcom can go suck a lemon..., unless they change they're mind and make the new monster hunter a multiplat release

417d ago