Square-Go: FaceBreaker Review

Square-Go Writes:

"Worst of all is the single player. There are only two modes available, basic fight and the short lived belt campaign, but these aren't the real flaw. It's the AI. Even on easy you'll find enemies often impossible to defeat. Not only are they able to dodge and parry most of your attacks like you have two broken arms and depth perception problems, they can then assault you with a flurry of attacks so quick and unrelenting that you'll feel like you've just been beaten up by Bruce Lee on speed. This is not fun, or funny, it's boring, insulting and probably going to make even the most peaceful of zen masters throw his controller at the tv in an uncontrollable rage."

"Facebreaker isn't so much mutton dressed as lamb, as a slice of mouldy bread marketing itself as a steak dinner with a beautiful, articulate companion."

"If you really like arcade fighters then maybe its worth a quick rent, otherwise it's probably best to avoid."

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