Square-Go: Dynamite Fishing Zeemote Review

Square-Go Writes:

"For starters, the controls don't feel entirely responsive at times, which is distracting considering how quickly the pace of the game ramps up after each stage. Shotgun aiming was always going to be a tricky thing to implement on a mobile game and it works here, just perhaps a little too slowly."

"However, the visuals are crisp and you should have no trouble seeing what you are doing on what is a relatively small screen. The bright cartoon-style visuals make what is already a wacky premise, all the more fun."

"Dynamite Fishing is the kind of game you might encounter on a flash gaming site and play on your web browser for a silly amount of time, despite its lack of depth when compared to full-scale console releases. But this is seriously addictive gaming, which will give you more than enough fun for the reasonable asking price. The only thing left to consider is what the animal rights folk would make of all this mayhem."

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