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Quote: Hey guys sorry about the Vlog Review. This won't become a regular thing, back to current format next review!


Sorry about the mistake with the embedding of the video. It should play from the beginning but I made the mistake of making the video play at the end of the review.

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joab777289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

I've been angry at the absurdly low reviews this game has got because it seems the entire focus is on facial animation and dialogue that neglects so much of the game after 10 hrs.

That said I don't have an issue with this score because this is what he does. He attacks quality of games at launch, and this game needs polishing. While I believe it's an 8 because of the wealth of amazing content, I can't argue with Joes disappointment.

That's said, if you love ME or rpgs you have to play this!

Mr-Dude289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

"That said I don't have an issue with this score because this is what he does. He attacks quality of games at launch, and this game needs polishing"

Then this game shouldn't have launched in this state. I like the series, but a game with these kind of bugs is not ready to launch. And every game should be looked at launch, because that is when you spend you money. Dev and publishers deserve all the backlash if a game is full of bugs and they still ask full money.

AspiringProGenji289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

No one told you to pre order. Stay mad at the low reviews. This game needrd more time and polish, and it is an disappointment? Good? Great? Maybe, but too much issues detract it from being a proper next gen ME game

Miss_Weeboo288d ago

I know for a fact that I don't love YOU

hangdang288d ago

I love ME and hate Andromeda. Anyone that tells me I need to play ten hours of a game before it gets good can go pound sand. No thanks

joab777287d ago

@Mr-Dude Normally I would agree for sure. Here's the issue. It was FIVE years in production. It comes to a point in which it has to be released or they start losing money. Is it right? No! Do we wish it were different? Of course!

Now I dunno if this is exactly the case here but I am guessing it was. It's a failure in leadership for sure. But I for one am glad we did get to play it because it's a great game. And yes, I wish it were more polished too!

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oasdada288d ago

yup! and also love other joe lol.. Sad he never did a horizon review.. that game is what i imagined open world games to be!

TacticAce288d ago

Fallout 4, Skyrim and every other bethesda game has shitty facial animations but I didnt see people get so up and arms about those games...

Chexs1990288d ago

To be fair, a lot of reviewers actually attacked Fallout 4 for being technically shaky. With ME it's not only the technical issues, but the writing and VA delivery as well. A child could write the same level of dialogue as Andromeda has.
I'm a big fan of BioWare but this time around they screwed it up, even though the gameplay itself is fun when the bugs don't gimme trouble :)

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ABizzel1289d ago

I was expecting it and still lol XD

fenome289d ago

Haha! That intro! I had to pull it up on the big screen and show the wife.


OJ made this review funny lol. Better be careful AJ, OJ is starting to become the better personality.

Perjoss289d ago

OJ kind of needs his own show tbh

Grap289d ago

he was going to do his own show starting early 2017, i don't know what happened

AspiringProGenji289d ago

Expectations were too high for this and the devs took that for granted. The fact that the game is so buggy and has terrible animations proves it, and it sucks. I can forgive bad writing and story to an extend, but I'm not supporting this sloppy work just because it is "Mass Effect."

Andromeda is indeed a disappointment.

R6ex289d ago

Yup. This will be the first ME game that I'll not be buying.

MrChow666288d ago

Same, the original trilogy was excellent, the first is my fave, this on the other hand looks subpar, this is not the Mass Effect I loved

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