Parsons' LBP Levels Blow Away Media Molecule

Jeff, from the Playstation.Blog, writes:

"I spoke with MM's Kareem Ettouney and Kenny Young shortly after the presentations. Pay close attention to their excitement – if levels this good can be made in 24 hours, imagine what you gamers will do in a week."

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TheTwelve3402d ago

This game will re-define gaming. It will re-define what is cool.


jwatt3402d ago

I definitely need to buy a ps eye.

meepmoopmeep3402d ago

they Eye function works awesome, i just wish you could put 5 second video clips instead of just pics.


it will for console user created content, but this stuff has been on PC's ages ago.

TheTwelve3402d ago

Yeah, and PC gaming is...

well, you know.


boodybandit3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

In my honest and humble opinion. User generated content is going to be mind numbing. I can't wait to see GOW, GeOW, Halo, R&C, Resistance, etc... inspired user generated content that will be created.

I wonder how much controversy or possible lawsuits (copyright infringements) with other gaming developers and publishers this game might cause? I hope none.

I am not even into games like this and I will pick it up at midnight (assuming of course they have a midnight launch for it) just to have it. I am that hyped over it.

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Samwise3402d ago

More and more stuff being show for this game. I keep getting blown more away. This game is going to be one a best seller for a long time.

cahill3402d ago

There will be millions of user created stages once the game reaches the market

INehalemEXI3402d ago

Its addictive I was up all night doing creating my first level. So tired.

Blackmoses3402d ago

we as Playstation 3 owners are being treated to something that will easily become the game of our generation. This will take off in such a big way it's almost not fair. To all those that just don't see the appeal apparently just don't have the imagination to see the potential this has. I like to Veg out to a good game from time to time but I love the ones that get you to think and use your own imagination. I may not create too many levels on my own but to simple check out what everyone else is doing is gonna be the most fun for me. They blew the developers away with only 24 hours just think what we could do with a month under our belts...
This will be the straw that breaks the camels back. As long as Sony keeps this franchise and all it's tech propriety to only them.
We all know that in this buisness, copying from another is common practice. They all do it. So when something such as this comes along, completely out of the box type of thinking. There is bound to be some form of imitation.


cahill3402d ago

Uncodubtedly LBP is the game of the millenium

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