GiN Review: Sinking Island

GiN writes: "Benoit Sokal may not be a household name like Sid Meier, but among adventure gamers he really does have a great reputation, pushed forward by titles like Syberia that really advanced the genre in new directions.

Sinking Island may not be as groundbreaking at Syberia, but you can tell that Sokal was trying to go a new direction, perhaps redefining the interactive detective story game. There are a lot of innovative aspects to Sinking Island, but also a few notable flaws that will keep it from getting a perfect score. Still, I cant see anyone who enjoys the classic point and click adventure type game not having a great time here. I have seen some pretty poor games in this genre (one of the reasons I rarely play them anymore) but Sinking Island is not one of them. All of its flaws are minor and in return for these minor annoyances you get a really solid mystery adventure game located in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable."

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