Take A Moment To Remember One Of The Best April Fools' Gaming Hoaxes Of All Time

It was 1992 and print was still alive and well with most people relying on monthly magazines for their gaming info. As a result, a joke about a secret Street Fighter character called Sheng Long spread world wide. 25 years later, it’s time we poured one out for all those tortured souls who went looking for him in vain.

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THamm623d ago

Greatest April fools joke of all time. When we were first introduced to photoshop. Good times

XanderZane622d ago

Yeah, I had the magazine as well and thought it was real for a long time. It was a nice piece of lore that actually made some sense and could have been true if Capcom made it to be.

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gangsta_red622d ago

The absolute best. Everyone I knew was excited about this when they saw this.

derkasan622d ago

The Sheng Long hoax is great, but EGM's Sonic and Tails in Melee joke takes the cake.

NotoriousWhiz622d ago

You mean you never unlocked tails?

LastCenturyRob622d ago

HA! I remember a couple of friends trying to unlock this guy! Truly the best gaming April Fools joke ever! Still have that issue of EGM! Really should take it out and have a look! Those old gaming mags are a trip to read through every now and again!

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