TVG: Wipeout HD Review

Review by Chris Leyton:

"Following numerous delays and dogged by suggestions of failed epilepsy tests, SCEE Studio Liverpool's Wipeout resurrection on the home consoles is finally upon us and will be hitting the PlayStation Store this week exclusively.

Attributed with making the first PlayStation a success and in no small way making videogames cool, in recent years Wipeout has fallen somewhat from its once lofty perch. Reserved for handheld outings in the last few years and facing little in the way of competition in the futuristic racer stakes, we eagerly took to the track hoping that the Wipeout magnetism still manages to keep us hooked to the track.

Quite quickly the memories come flooding back and it's like 1995 all over again. The crucial necessity to memorise each individual track layout, the delicate touch on the airbrakes that's required, leading into corners ahead of the actual turn... it's all still as good as it was back in 1995."

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