Ranking the Persona Series From Worst to First

In advance of the much-anticipated release of Persona 5, COG's Tyler Treese takes a look back and ranks the past Persona titles.

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kalkano500d ago

I agree with the top two (for now), but very much disagree with the rest. Not a fan of any of the spinoffs. As for the mainline games, I'd say:

4 > 3 > 2-1 (IS) > 2-2 (EP) > 1

It has, generally, only gotten better with time. And, I expect 5 to continue that streak and be the best in the series (I'm ~20 hours in, and it's fantastic).

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Summons75500d ago

I wouldn't have included the spin-offs but also 3 is way better than 4. Sure P4 did a lot of things gameplay wise that improved on what P3 was doing but P3 has a way better story and characters. Not saying P4 is bad, I loved it but P3 is easy to go back to when P4 not so much.

mezati99500d ago

P3 also had one of the greatest endings to a game ever

still, i love P4 equally as much, the persona series is just soo good

Razzer500d ago

I agree. I liked P3 more than P4 as well. Both are still great tho.

1908-PB500d ago

I have to say I played persona from persona 2 to 4 and I really do think persona 3 is the best between FES&P3P, I'm not going to act like I didn't enjoy 4 but I found the darker story from persona 3 more enjoyable but any way that's my opinion. Last note my steel book copy of persona 5 is on its way I can't wait

Razzer500d ago

nice to see others like P3 as much as I do.

Protagonist500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Pretty good list. Though P3P will forever have a special place in my gaming heart, thus being nr.1 for me.

pepito499d ago

P3 story can almost best out P4. Unfortunately it looks just way too similar to the anime Evangelion.

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