Video Game Cheats: Do They Hurt The Game Play

Kenneth Elliott writes: "I pose this question to you: Does video game cheats hurt the game play? I think this is a very important question. At one time, there were not any cheats in the first generation of video games. A game player had to play the game from beginning to the end without any short cuts. But in the process the game player became an expert in the game. Now days there are codes and certain sequences that unlock game play or in some cases allow the gamer to enter levels that they have not won. But does this help the game play???? On one hand, some of the recent games are so difficult that is would be very hard to get to certain levels. So, maybe it is good to provide codes so that everyone can experience the FULL game. But I say this is only a way for the game manufacturers to get the gamer to finish the game and focus them to go out and buy another game. They now that gamers usually concentrate on one game at a time. And once the game is beat, then and only then will the gamers leave the game only. But once again I ask does this help or hurt the gamer. But this is just one side of the story."

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