Resident Evil GC ported to Wii

Capcom has announced in the latest Famitsu magazine that Resident Evil (GameCube) will be ported to Wii on December 25 in Japan. This time, the game will use the Wii controller, but will also still be compatible with GameCube controller.

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PS360WII3467d ago

Well they did it with 0,1, and 4 so far but only 4 got outside of Japan... wonder if Capcom will bring 0 and 1 over because 4 Wii version did sell well.

TheROsingleB3467d ago

RE4 did sell very well but I think thats due in part to the fact that the controls worked so well for it (And that it's a great game, obviously) but how well would the Wii controls work with the old, tank-like control style?
There are a lot of areas in RE1 and 0 where you cant exactly see the enemy on-screen so the "point and shoot" style gameplay of RE4 doesn't necessarily work with the old static-backround format. I'd like to see how they would handle this..

PS360WII3467d ago

Good point on that end. Maybe they spruced it up to work like RE4 and not tank controls..?

TheROsingleB3467d ago

Hard to see the conrols working like RE4 in those games though, they were built totally different, they would have to remake the games with the same engine as RE4. That totally changes everything and probably be quite a bit of work, if these are ports I just don't see it happening, unfortunatly.

PS360WII3467d ago

Hmmm yeah maybe that's why they are only found in Japan lol

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Homicide3467d ago

lmfao. More reasons to buy a Gamecube over a Wii. Cheaper, funner and less shovelware.

ape0073467d ago

pirates already did that

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3467d ago

First day download when it hits PSN.A Megaman 2D game is a perfect game to have in the fall

Product3466d ago

whoa there wrong article yoshida.
as for this port i wish they made a wii game from the ground up with the story inbetween RE1 and RE2.

chanmasta3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

... wrong article mate. lol!

Silogon3467d ago

I don't get it, is the wii backwards compatible or not? Why even bother with this if it is?

PS360WII3467d ago

Yup it is so they can play the GC version on the Wii if they want to but I guess Capcom thinks it's good for them to make the games yet again but this time with Wii controls as well...

schmeidenkamp3467d ago

on capcoms part.
give me dead rising for ps3, theres a worthwhile port

Shaka2K63467d ago

Is nintendo wii the worst piece of plastic i have owned in my life?

even the worst flop in the history of gaming nintendo game cube looks more fun then this useless toy that makes last gen. games unplayable thanks the the stupid wii gimmick.

ManOnFire3467d ago

I am not sure what the need is to port the GCN version to the Wii is if they control the same ? I mean the Wii already plays GCN titles and if there is no change to the controls whats the point ?

Do you think that there are that many more people playing Wii that have not had the chance to play the GCN version ?

If the controls are Wii-worked then I would give it a try but other wise I already have the GCN version.

what are your thoughts ?

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The story is too old to be commented.