Gaia Online to include in-world instant messaging

Gamertell is reporting that Gaia Online is launching an in-world instant messaging feature called GIM. A trial launched on September 18, 2008, and resulted in more than 1 million messages being sent in the first 6 hours. The full version will be released sometime this week (Sept. 21-27).

From the article:

"The messenger will automatically have all your Gaia friends on the buddy list when you first log in and, by using GIM, users can earn up to 200 Gaia gold pieces a day that they can use to buy items for their avatars. They can also teleport to any friend's location and share a game, watch a movie together at the cinema, post in the threads, etc.

Just like regular chat programs, you are able to block or remove users from the buddy list as well as add new buddies to it. You can use it almost instantly by clicking on the link at the top of the pages."

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