Up to 83% off digital Vita games including Freedom Wars, Malicious Rebirth and more

Several digital Vita games are currently heavily discounted on Amazon with Dead Nation dropping to $1.99, Flower to $1.95, Freedom Wars to $2.99, Malicious Rebirth to $2.49 and Ratchet & Clank Collection to $7.99.

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ObviousGoldfish352d ago

April Fools. No seriously. These should all be free for a system that's not even alive.

TomatoDragon352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Actually, the Vita is very much alive, and constantly getting games. The WiiU would be an example of a dead system.

ObviousGoldfish352d ago

Well now we are splitting hairs don't ya think?

TomatoDragon352d ago

Splitting hairs? How so? Links state otherwise.

awdevoftw352d ago

sorry you feel that way, but the vita owners know this system has been getting more releases in the last three years than the 3ds, ps4, and the xbone. pretty good for a "dead" system.

KenzaZo352d ago

If you like Anigay and Indies, it has a lot coming out, if not then hardly anything is coming. Although i don't care much for the Farming Simulators and they get boring fast, i am going to buy the new Farming Simulator 18 when it comes out June 6th....but only because i don't have many choices.

SardoNumspa352d ago

Freedom Wars is incredibly good.

awdevoftw352d ago

I fully agree. the combat is so fun, especially with a team.

Gman32352d ago

So sad the psvita is actually a good system alot more systems could've been sold if it got more tripleA games like uncharted golden abyss 2,bioshock,new god of war,and so on

drizzom351d ago

For a second there I thought we got new Freedom Wars news. Now Im sad.