The Best of the Cheapest Xbox 360 Games

Not everyone has $60 to throw down for the latest games. Luckily, there are other ways to get your games, like trade for them. The Goozex Report breaks down the cheapest games for the Xbox 360 (some you can virtually get for free).

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fafoon3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

I'd rather Roll a Fatty in Three $20 Notes
And Smoke Em
Than Buy This Crap

I'm Doin it Right Now

JimmyJames703554d ago

I'm totally with you, but what are you gonna do after you're done rollin? You're gonna play some video games, but you spent all your $$ elsewhere, so all you can afford are some old, cheap games.


i get my games at a gamestop or gamefly

AAACE53553d ago

I only buy games I think are great or have high replay value for full price! All other games, I wait for a sale at GS, or Blockbuster. Or I go to a used CD,DVD,Game store and get them cheap!

I went to BB last month and got 8 games for about $50!

militant073554d ago

you guys complaning about prices.
we here in "middel east" pay 80~90$ for new games and 50$~60$ for old games.

see how lucky your and over that 360s in my country not underwarrenty covers if it died you should pick another 1 and that what we do ,over that all350$ for arcade xbox360,

Road Dog3554d ago

Use some of that oil money! I'm sure driving the gold plated beemer to alladin's games and ieds to pick up a new 360 doesn't hurt that bad.

cheapndirty3553d ago

I had a guy on my friends list from Kuwait and he said most everyone there buys "copies". Copies are pretty cheap I hear.

CNIVEK3554d ago this is merely a lame list of "cheap" games you can get with your stupid Goosex points, and NOT the "best" 360 games.

If you want cheap games, go to Amazon...or GameStop, if you dare. I picked up used copies of The Club and The Darkness for $8.99 each at GameStop, while their used games were 50% off the marked price.

cheapndirty3554d ago

Same here. I wait for the buy 2 used get 1 free sale and then use my 10% card. Last November I bought 4 games for 35 with tax. Gamefly is awesome at 16.00 a month to let me play those single players games that cost 60.00.

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