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JamesL007 of Writes

"I have to give credit for this to ManNameWho from the forums as he introduced me to this program and ever since I have been in love with it. TVersity is a media server that streams your media from your PC to anywhere you wish. Since the PS3 can search for media servers and TVersity is a media server you can see how this program comes in handy and can save you GB's of storage on you PS3. I was so glad to review this software and have it work the way it did on the first try I have not been out of my room to even get water but just to write up this review on said software and how you owe it to yourself to take a peek at it."

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Raoh3583d ago

yeah i swear by tversity.

i have an external hard drive (need to get another drive i have so much stuff) connected via usb to my pc that is wired to my router. running the latest tversity

there are some steps for transcoding just about all files including mkv.

i also use it for watching the onion news and g4 tv clips. i have so much stuff i rarely watch any television.

JamesL0073583d ago

Indeed TVersity has saved me a ton of time and saved space on my PS3's HDD too. I love this program and every PS3 owner should try it out at least once, you owe it to yourself too, if you have tons of media do yourself a favor try TVersity.

trancefreak3583d ago

totally agree with you guys ive been using it for about 6 mos and i gotta say it just works. Really nothing hard about making it do its job which i really like.

Porno Decepticon3583d ago

Damn, I just downloaded this, it's awesome!