HL2: Alyx now able to sweat

The upcoming 9th version of the infamous Cinematic Mod adds new skin shaders. Alyx is now able to perspire. Nice feature. PCGH has the screens.

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Tyetan3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I think you mean "perspire" and not "transpire". I know "transpire" has two definitions, one of them being "to occur" and the other is "to emit or give off (waste matter, watery vapor, an odor, etc.) through the surface". However, I'm pretty sure that the second definition of "transpire" refers to a plants surface. When referring to humans or other mammalia the correct term would be "perspire".

JustinSaneV23284d ago

She is half Asian and half African-American.

St03285d ago

Looks nothing like Alyx, why did they change her?

Tyetan3285d ago

Exactly, they kind of made her ugly.

dericb113285d ago

Honestly I think they are pushing her to look Asian. They need to move on and let the sista be a sista. I say give her a bigger butt lol. But not to big :)

KiddyBrownTurd3284d ago

LOL Adriana Lima ugly? lol queeer

JustinSaneV23285d ago

It's amazing to see what people are still doing with this engine!

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