AnalogHype: LittleBigPlanet Beta Impressions

This being a beta and all, it's not a review, rather an outline of some of the things others felt the need to mention about it. Is it worth its hype? What do you guys think about the beta?

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aceitman3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

nick says how its all and more about the game saying it lives up to the hype and more he must be in the beta cause hes saying he loses track of time playing it cant wait for the game check out the intro andthe 1st level in the beta for your self its good http://www.videogaming247.c...

XXXCouture3529d ago

calling this an article, is like calling uwe boll a good director

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militant073529d ago

mssg to N4G mod
"fuucking @sshole , son of a b!tch"

cahill3529d ago

LAME attempts to undermine LBP

Others see how awesome LBP plays here

the guy is off air but he will be back soon

soljah3529d ago

huh. great article if you like the writing of a ten year old.

juuken3529d ago

...Why was my comment deleted?
I didn't do anything wrong...

No Way3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Hm. Well, the game STILL has my interest peaked. And, it's a first day purchase for me.

And, I agree.. Hopefully the Good user generated content is ready very quickly, cause I ain't one to create maps. However, as that is a big part of the game, I will hafta try it.

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Fishy Fingers3529d ago

I cant understand how someone could not like LBP, well, that is unless they're some adrenaline fueled teenager who isn't content unless fixated on some burly man with one hand on his "gun".

cahill3529d ago

If you cant have the best on your console then talk trash about it

Kleptic3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

oops...wrong reply...agreed though...

AllseeingEye3529d ago

He needs a reason to use his ps3 huh? Sounds like a fan boy to me. There are many good games for the ps3. Not just Socom.

juuken3529d ago

Shhh, don't say that!
They're supposed to continue thinking about there's no games on the PS3!

chrisnick3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

guess he's one of those "this takes alot of time...i think i'll complain about it.".........ITS A LEVEL IDIOT...IT SHOULD TAKE TIME(regardless of ur given materials)

The gaming GOD3529d ago

I'll never understand why people try to use that complaint. If you don't like it, sell it. If you have no "reason" to use it, sell it.

It's that simple. There are plenty of other people that will be more than happy to take the system off your hands.

spunnups3529d ago

I already had more than enough reasons to play my PS3, this just adds to the onslaught.

The gaming GOD3529d ago

Exactly, there are plenty of games on the ps3. That misconception of "ps3 has no games" is LONG gone. Only fanboys try to use that excuse now

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The gaming GOD3529d ago

"but if someone didnt like the ps3 lineup...that would make them a fanboy? something's not right there (granted the guy is an idiot anyway for buying a system he doesn't seem to have any interest in playing)"

Not at all man. Not liking the lineup doesn't make a person a fanboy. Keeping a system you don't even like for the sake of needing a "reason" to use it however, makes a person stupid

ogwilson3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

It's not that PS3 has no games, it's that the games PS3 does have (and it DOES have good ones) are old and I've already played. I'm not going to continue playing the same game for 3-6 months waiting for the next best thing, hence, Im looking for NEW games. You guys sometimes are thickheaded. Any game worth having in the psat few months I either have played on 360 and are multiplatform (not ashamed in saying i buy multiplats for 360 and i dont consider multiplats toward the "Has no games" argument) or I've played (you can only sit through MGS4 so many times).

Honestly, get your head out of your asses and stop assuming everyone is this raging fanboy.

Also, Im keeping my system for the exclusives. I would be dumbfounded to sell my System before playing the new Socoms, Killzone, Resistance, etc. Again, you guys just misconstrue words because you don't think about anything but trying to call me a raging fanboy or an idiot in the most clever way possible.

Kleptic3529d ago

he meant 'only fanboys use that' as in someone that has no intention of ever buying or playing a PS3 use that...people that don't own or want to own a PS3, yet have a strong liking of 'the other side', usually spout off about the PS3 not having any titles...which, to them, justifies their system of choice...despite being completely incorrect, it makes them feel better...

its a security issue...if everyone doesn't like the platform they chose to invest in...they feel unwanted or irrelevant...ironically...its because of what they do to prevent feeling unwanted, that makes them exactly that...

KingME3529d ago

"Keeping a system you don't even like for the sake of needing a "reason" to use it however, makes a person stupid."

Perhaps this person bought into the hype of "wait til this comes out", "wait til that comes out". And still haven't found a game that they like. (which is why they need a reason to use it.) So they are starting to panic a little bit. That doesn't make them a stupid person. What's stupid is when someone called a person stupid because they disagree with that person's opinion. Perhaps that particular thought process is stupid, but that doesn't justify calling a person that you don't know "stupid".

Anyway, I heard a lot of people saying "Once you get use to the controls the games is a lot of fun." Wasn't that the same thing a lot of people were saying about "Too Human" only to be shot down by fanboys? I'm by no means saying that this game will not be fun, as a matter of fact I want it to be a great game, because I want to buy it.

I'm just stating a few things I've noticed.

The gaming GOD3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Thank you. At least now I know someone understood what was meant


Look, the bottom line is, if you don't like it, don't keep it. This person gives off the impression that he/she is a well informed gamer and has had the ps3 for awhile. So yeah, why keep the system you claim to have no "reason" to use? It's not his opinion I call stupid Kingme. It's the action (or lack thereof) I call stupid. There's a difference

lodossrage3529d ago

"Anyway, I heard a lot of people saying "Once you get use to the controls the games is a lot of fun." Wasn't that the same thing a lot of people were saying about "Too Human" only to be shot down by fanboys? I'm by no means saying that this game will not be fun, as a matter of fact I want it to be a great game, because I want to buy it.

I'm just stating a few things I've noticed."

So what? If you want to use Too Human, the same thing can be said about Lair right? Once you got used to the control the game was lots of fun. Yet fanboys shot that game down too right

The Lazy One3529d ago

Yea... spending 500-600 bucks just to get rid of it for 300-400 bucks is an AWESOME investment.

GL on wallstreet. BUY HIGH! SELL LOW!

The gaming GOD3529d ago

Like I said, the person gave off the impression that he/she is a well knowledge gamer. So there really isn't an excuse of "I bought it due to hype" no matter what price he/she bought it for. Secondly, if he sold it, he can get about $400- $500 for it assuming it's a 60gb.

Third, don't compare the vg market to the stock market. It's not like game consoles go up in value the way stocks do. How much was the 360 when it first came out? If you sold yours, just now much would you get for it? See my point?

Kleptic3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

wow thegamingGod...looks like no one apparently understands your initial comment...

Do any of you people arguing with him understand what it means to be 'an informed consumer'?...why would this author buy a PS3 then turn around and complain about it not having any games?...

that is what he is saying...its really not hard to rationalize, at least I would think...Did all of you get a PS3 as a gift, or steal it or something?...if the author was 'given' a PS3, and is now frustrated with its gaming be it...SELL IT!...that is what GamingGod is saying...

on the other end though, when you purchase it yourself, and are then pissed that there are 'no games' for it...thats your own stupid fault, its not like Sony of all companies has any problem telling your about games that are a long way off...everyone that purchased a PS3 within the last 1.5 years has had access and updates to the fall lineup that is on the verge of releasing right also know of all the major titles coming in 2009, save a few surprises most what the hell is this guy getting at...'well I bought a PS3 for unannounced titles for sucks though because I don't like anything out so far or whats been confirmed for release'...

a lot of you are acting like its not his fault for buying a PS3 then not being happy with the lineup...that is due to his own ignorance, and he reserves absolutely no right to criticize anyone but himself...

Just one reason I don't own a 360...I don't particularly care for the 360's exclusive lineup, at least of what has been released and/or announced so far...I also don't particularly care for paying to play you know what?...I never bought guys are acting like it would be ok if I did buy a 360 and came on here screaming "wtf?!, you have to pay for XBL?"...or "where are all the great games?"...whenever you are buying yourself something like that, look into what the hell the thing has coming to it, and already going for it...when you disregard either of those, you have no room for complaining...

and some of you are also saying 'well maybe he just bought into the hype and this and that'...doesn't matter, that is still his own fault...Sony does have pretty powerful marketing in that sense...but if you bought a PS3 for an, at that point, unreleased game...then were disappointed with what the released game played like...take it as a life lesson...this sounds like a bunch of my Wii owning friends...they always ask me 'why did I buy this thing, there are no games for it'...what am I supposed to say to that? are right...there isn't anything worthwhile on it...funny thing though is that you can scalp that on ebay for more than retail...the current market condition of this industry is an entire other discussion in itself...

The Lazy One3529d ago

But how would he know that games and features announced pre-launch of the PS3 still wouldn't be released, or would now be canceled or multi-platform?

It's not his fault he can't see into the future.

KingME3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

That's the exact argument I was trying to make the other day when some clown was blogging about the value of Arcade 360. He started adding accessories onto it to compare it to the 399 PS3.

My argument was, that if a person wanted a more pimped out 360 he/she would get the Pro or the Elite yet no one could understand that. It's funny how easy it is to understand when you're trying to make the point isn't it.

Edit: Additionally as Kleptic says "I don't particularly like the exclusives", blah blah etc for the 360 so I never bought one. "I don't want to pay for online," yada yada, etc. Here's a guy (Blogger) that claims to have bought a PS3 and now he's questioning whether he should have bought it. And he gets grief from you about it. Now had he said he wish he hadn't bought the 360, you would be supporting him. So, what does that say about you, I mean really.

One other thing, is it just me or does anyone else seem to feel that when ever something is said to TheGamingGod, it is immediately defended by lodossrage and viceversa. Perhaps it's a 3 time coincidence for me, just seems odd.

DaTruth3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

It's a fanboy sounding comment, simple as that. There was no need to say it, and only a fanboy would. Also he never had one good thing to say about the game, which also seems a little fanboyish, biased and generally a article weighs the good and bad. He should change the name of the article to; "All the bad things about LBP".
Didn't even mention graphics or physics or anything.

Kleptic3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )


I guess I shouldn't have brought up the 360...I walked right into that one...

this is all I, and the gamingGod I believe, were trying to say...

He bought a PS3...he is complaining about the PS3 not having any games...what we are saying is: then why not sell it?...and moreover, why did he buy it in the first place?...thats it...nothing more than hidden agenda...

we are not giving him grief because he thinks the PS3 has no games...gaminggod was stating that that simply is normally a fanboy comment...which brings up the overall question we were both getting at...

again...if it has no games...then why did he buy it in the first place...then write a blog article complaining about it?...

now where you messed up my 360 example is beyond me...I was making an example of it being like me buying a 360, knowing I didn't want any of its games, and that I didn't want to pay for XBL, then writing in my blog asking "where are all the games for the 360?"...thats all I meant...that example was simply showing how silly it is to do something like that, hence my entire post on being an 'informed consumer' or whatever...its simply that if the guy claims the thing doesn't have any games worth playing, then he is an idiot for buying one in the first place and has no room to complain about it...

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