Pure Video Comparison

See how the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Disney's off-road racer compare.

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jay23435d ago

PS3 alot brighter in abad way.

InMyOpinion3435d ago

I thought it looked brighter in a good way. I'm sure you could adjust it if you don't like it.

Fishy Fingers3435d ago

Yeah, I hear TVs of the future will have the capability to change Brightness and Contrast.

Oh wait...

u got owned3435d ago

Who cares people, pointless comparisons.

BTW this game is awesome, love the demo.

InMyOpinion3435d ago

The PS3 version has better/lighter contrast. Both versions ran at a smooth framerate which is very important in racing games. Other than that I couldn't spot any differences. The developers did a great job on this game. It's a great game with great graphics(hard to judge from the video though) which I would recommend to anyone. Addictive as h3ll.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3435d ago

I agree with you Jenzo which is unusual.I think Pure will be a good game on both consoles either way

power of Green 3435d ago

A washed out look looking better is just an opinion, 360 hardware always looks not as bright on the web vs games looking perfect at home.

This video sucks we have already seen a better video showing the PS3 version not as sharp and having poor contrast and color hence the reason why no one is in here.

thor3435d ago


The games will look pretty much the SAME. It's like comparing the SAME game run on one PC based on an nVidia graphics card and one PC based on an ATI graphics card, which are of roughly equivalent spec. Oh no wait, that's pretty much exactly what it is. The game is exactly the same, it has the same

Gameplay mechanics

Because they're not exactly going to develop the game twice to make the most of the hardware. The best thing you can hope for is more AA/resolution on one of the versions.

And to those who always make comments like "the PS3 version is brighter/dimmer/more contrast/less contrast", you're way off the mark. Even the method of capturing the videos can change the contrast and brightness depending on what settings you're using. It's like saying "this vinyl record sounds quieter than its CD counterpart", turn the F***ing volume up then!

Freezingduck3435d ago

Motorstorm2 looks better than this game

Pain3435d ago

obliviously held back for Xbox 2 and Dvd9

remember kids The Disney Digs Sony and Blu-ray since they are in the club.

lnfinite3435d ago

The Possibilities of the CELL Processor are Endless,I expect to see more Developers fully Utilize the Powerful PS3 Processor in their Future Games

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3435d ago

Except for Gabe Newell who is gorging on more burgers as we speak

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The story is too old to be commented.