Threats of Video Game Censorship Need to Stop

Gamer Professionals' Channel Director Jordan Ramée dives into video game censorship in the wake of the Australian controversy surrounding Outlast II.

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opinionated542d ago

"Instead of the scene just being cut from the Australian version of the game, apparently every copy of the game across every country would receive censored copies of Outlast II without that scene."

That's bogus. I agree with the ratings boards though, they are largely useless. Interesting article until they got into the "male gaze" crap.

meka2611542d ago

Again, violence ok, sexy bad. Will never ever understand this crap.

JMRamee542d ago

I agree, it doesn't make ANY sort of sense. You'd think if one was okay, then the other would be as well!

meka2611542d ago

Well even for me if one is not ok it should be violence. Let's see, sex is a natural that, hopefully, everyone gets to experience. Whereas violence is something that is usually frowned upon as it doesn't solve much. Of course violence is sometimes needed, but it's usually frowned upon. Again makes no damn sense. I blame parents that don't want to actually parent.

opinionated541d ago

In this case it would be censoring violence. Unless you think rape is sexy lol. As much as I would love to blame Australia, this one is entirely on the devs or pub. At least for the rest of the world.