Current takes on homophobia in gaming

Joystiq writes: "From Current TV, we're happy to bring you that rarest of delights: Reporting on gaming from a non-gaming outlet that's reasoned, competent and (wonder of wonders) well-researched. The story of GayGamer is told by those who breathe life into the site, showing not only why they're an important part of gaming culture, but what drove them to stick together in the first place. You can find it right after the jump."

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akbungle3582d ago

There way too much hate speak in online gaming. Good to see people fighting the good fight!

Radiodread3581d ago

they have no discipline WHATSOEVER. They need to be beaten, but their parents let them get away with anything, that's why you hear little 10 yr olds saying sh!t that YOU wouldn't even say. I'm not just talkin about sh!t talkin against [email protected], but the whole public in general. SEND YOUR KIDS TO MILITARY SCHOOL...NOW! FOR THE HOPE OF HUMANITY!

MUNX3581d ago

thats cool, just make them say no homo if they want to play a game online"HEY WANT TO PLAY A GAME NO HOMO?" and ill be like ohhhhh i c , i understand, yes i would like to play.......LOL