Graphics vs. Joy

Nowadays, the main focus of the gaming industry is on improving game graphics, making the physics more realistic and creating stunning graphics that amaze us every time we play a new game (the most anticipated games are usually the most evolutionary graphics-wise). But what about deep storyline with twists, emotions and different paths to choose from?

Have we forgotten about them?

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IAm1Bearcat3673d ago

IMO i enjoy better gameplay and better overall games instead of jaw-dropping graphics. But honestly, if i tried to go back and play N64 or PSOne games, i wouldnt be able to because they look like sh*t compared to todays standards, and it takes me out of the story and doesnt really let everything sink in.

Having great / really good graphics add to the overall enjoyment of the game. Great graphics really make you feel entranced in it. And while not all games need stunning graphics, it certainly helps, but if i had to choose one or the other, obviously it's going to be for enjoyment over graphics.

i think everyone would agree with that.

But i do like that a nice percentage of games are giving us both (MGS4 anyone?).

ape0073673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

uncharted,cod4,bioshock,mgs4,g ears2,r2,all have great graphics and awesome gameplay and they used the graphics to elevate the gameplay make it more immersive and at the same time didn't messsed up with its core,that what I call next gen

games like gta 4,it's a very good game on its own but something wrong happened here,rockstar north with all respect to them(love you guys,hope gta 5 be a stunner),they've used the graphics in the wrong direction,they make it heavy,realistic,etc....