Molyneux refuses to confirm Pub Games glitch deliberate

In an interview with, Molyneux refused to confirm whether the glitch was intentional, or what the surprise for gamers who exploited the glitch will be.

Here's a snippet from the interview: I wanted to ask you about the Pub Games Glitch. It was reported that it was deliberate. Was it?

Peter Molyneux: I am not really going to say anything to that. All I'm going to say is one of the tenants of Fable was to look at who you really are. I've always said in interviews how do we judge if you're good or evil? We do that by putting temptations in front of you. A word of warning. Don't expect to get off completely Scott free.

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Captain Tuttle3736d ago

You're starting to sound like that blowhard Dyack with his Nietzsche crap.

TOM3736d ago

What on earth are you talking about? He was asked a question and had a reasonable answer? Short and to the point,then he moved on.You make no sense,could it be you are the blow hard that posts just for the sake of posting?I'm wondering what your point is.Help me out.

Captain Tuttle3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Calm down.
I was referring to his answer about one of the tenants of Fable is to look at who we really are. It's a video game, not a philosophical tome. This is a day 1 purchase for me and I'm really excited about it but I'm not looking for a Life (capital "L") changing experience...just a few hours of escape from the daily grind.