MS Launches Biggest Ever Xbox 360 Marketing Blitz

Edge reports: "Microsoft has made the single largest marketing investment in Xbox history for its largest global ad campaign, spending more money on a series of promotions that it did for the launch of the Xbox 360 or Halo 3."

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BabyStomper50003737d ago

Wow... so that's where your $50 a year is going.

edhe3737d ago

And if it gets more subscribers then the cost can go down.

Bring the campaigns, they're required.

Panthers3737d ago

yea but it wont. This is M$.

whoelse3737d ago

They are really trying to sell more consoles than Sony!

gaffyh3737d ago

From the article: "Microsoft’s desire to evolve the Xbox 360 from a gaming platform to a mainstream entertainment platform."

but but I thought the 360 was a gaming machine only, and the PS3 was crap because it had a million media functions and no games. /retardism

CBosh43737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

As long as people pay for live they wont drop the price. Do you think they would want to lose hundreds of millions of dollars a year dropping the price of live ($50 a year * around 10 million subscribers i believe) only to please the people that are going to pay for the service either way? MS is a business, they like money, period.

Franklinstein3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Just think, if Sony fired all of the "Sony Defense Force" viral marketing employee's on this site, they could probably cut the price of the PS3.

AAACE53737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I'm starting to think that there aren't alot of people playing games online on PSN! I can't see why Ps3 fans would be so concerned about us paying for XBL?

I think it's because they want more real gamers playing on PSN with them, and hope that all XBL users will look at it and say... " XBL is worthless! I can't believe I am paying for this crap! I'm getting a Ps3!" and then everyone will sell their 360's and MS will be in such extreme financial trouble that they leave the console market forever!

Probably not going to happen fanboys!

Just accept the fact that there are people who actually like playing games on XBL! Sure the price is high, but it's not like you are being forced to pay it. If you don't want to pay it, buy a Ps3! But a large majority us us liked XBL and chose to pay for XBL.

Just let it go! We wish XBL was free, but it's not! We are dealing with it, and you should as well!

Ask yourself this question... If PSN is so great, and puts live to shame... Then why are there so many fanboys trying to sell 360 owners on the fact that if they had a Ps3, they wouldn't have to pay for online gaming? Not to mention... why are you trying to talk people into crossing over to PSN? Is it really that lonely over there?

***On a personal note*** I can't wait until the holiday season is over so all fanboys can have a rude awakening, when they finally see that their hero probably didn't have a plan to begin with. And depended on their bright ideas to win the holiday!

Franklinstein3737d ago

PS3 fanboys don't care about people paying for Live, it's simply something that they can be weasle about. Just like the dead and gone rrod, it's just the dead horse they beat when they are getting their ass owned.

Lord Vader3737d ago

Yep. Free advertizing for game developers, delivering & constantly improving the best MP service in the business, supporting games & gamers with DLC, consistantly buying exclusives away from Sony, offering superior development tools... the most content, tons of free demos...

Yep. That's where the money is going. And I'm happy to pay for those services. My 12+1 month xbl card with free supersaver shipping runs $39.99 a year from Amazon = $3.08 a month (you get a bonus month when you buy a year subscription). I can't buy a gallon of gas or lunch for that money, but I can get an entire month of xbl for that price... shoot, the demos alone are worth that !


Monchichi0253737d ago

Ever since the Launch, MS has been setting the 360 for this moment. Now they can finally fire on all cylinders and go after the mass market crowd they had always been targeting.

Diamondwolf3737d ago

How so many of the above posters are so hypocritical that it makes irony and finicky secret lovers.

You guys do realize that all you have to do is switch a couple words in your posts and you will sound like a Sony fanboy.

This is what's wrong with the industry now, too many experts (dumb ones at that) and not enough enthusiasts. Hardcore gaming is no longer a past time but rather a fanboy slugfest in which now hardcore gamers are only fanboys, when it should be hardcore gamers are unbiased multi-console owners.

People cannot let go of the fact that someone else may have better features than them when in reality ALL 3 CONSOLES HAVE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OVER THE OTHER CONSOLES! Please let that sink for a second.

Does it matter that Sony's PSN is dwarfed to XBL when you don't even have it? NO Xbox fanboys, it doesn't because it doesn't even concern you. Why? Because you don't play it. It should only matter to Sony owners who want to better their system.

Does it matter that XBL owners are paying for their service Sony fanboys? NO! Because you can enjoy playing for free when that's all that matters.

Does it matter Xboxers that Sony offers tons of other forced mediums besides games to do on their console at a higher price? NO! Because you should be enjoying your exclusives and being a gaming machine.

Does it matter Playstationers that XBL is selling more consoles now that they've went $199 and forcing everyone to buy into getting more features? NO! Only the Xbox community should be pissed about that and trying to better their system

Listen guys, Money talks, and neither of these companies are sharing with you. When you don't like something, talk with your pockets and DON'T BUY IT! Change starts with you and pissing and moaning and bickering and complaining and comparing and making complete tools of yourselves online trying to fight for a company that doesn't give 2 nickels about you (literally), and a console that's going to be replaced in a couple of years is POINTLESS!

Both sides are guilty for making idiots of themselves. Both sides do the same thing to one another and deny that their side is guilty. Both sides are getting nothing in return but gimped games because they can't offer intelligent, though out feedback to the people who matter and can make a difference (ie developers) but instead sling mud at consumers of the opposite product.

Congratulations! You've won the console war. Now what?

Is that what you guys want to hear?

/end rant

power of Green 3737d ago

This thread is no longer about the 360 anymore, I just find it funny.

All I'll say about the topic is that if MSFT had done this much sooner they would be million of consoles ahead of their current number.

I can't stand the PS3 fan infestation.

Diamondwolf3737d ago

You are probably the biggest 360 fanboy I've noticed on here. I challenge you to tell me your biggest issue with Sony and not the Sony fanboys. I can guarantee that you can't come up with one decent reason for your distaste of Sony that Microsoft isn't doing as well.

You're comment started good, but your last sentence makes you one of the same sheep I was ranting about earlier. Even though I agree with what you said.

People can disagree all they want to my comment, but none of them offer any reason or deferral as to why

EL MAESTRO3737d ago

everyone is all being stupid with saying which counsel is better that they actually forgot what the article was about..advertising..anyway the commercial is pretty cool they seem to be more in par with apple commercials (quality wise)..i was impressed, didnt think MS would make cool trendy own a 360 and love it, just like wii owners love their system even though its onoy a game machine and not an entertaintment nucleus...go figure, what sells is how fun the games are not how pretty..who would of thought?

fear883737d ago

Two years ago 360 fans were arguing that the 360 was "the pinnacle of entertainment" and now the argument has become "At least its cheaper than the Wii". How is the 360 at $200 geared towards mass market entertainment?

The fact is that without a hard-drive, the 360 is nothing more than a flawed DVD upscaler and gameplayer. There are no other uses for it other than that. When you are aiming at a demographic like the Wii but pushing media features don't those media features need to be accessible right out of the box? Well how is nickel and dime-ing you for everything with a connector and a log-in access making the console more accessible to the less tech-savvy Wii owners? In all honesty, there is no appeal to that. It retains no value and no future value to the consumer.

Its like speaking loud but carrying no stick, the fact is that the $200 deal is geared more towards PS3 owners wanting a little accessory to go with their PS3. Not the Wii owners. But under what incentive would a PS3 owner want a 360 when the current PS3 holiday releases are "not to be missed".

The Wii is popular because of simplicity of use. How will any of those 360 SKUs make that appearance? Its online is more complex than the Wii because they charge for access. Its games are nowhere near the same demographic as the Wii either. Honestly, with so much backlash about companies making violent games for the Wii and the 360 having the most M rated games of any system, How is that going to sway, the current trend of family prioritized entertainment? The 360 back catalog library is not family entertainment. Its frat boy entertainment. And most of the people who grew up with Banjo Kazooie have moved on to other things and those that were born before it, wouldn't care.

Its not that I doubt the price affecting sales numbers but honestly, how much use is that 360 going to get without a hard-drive and online access to even Netflix for the casual consumer to deem a worthy buy?

In all honesty, 360 is going to be very popular this holiday no doubt, but do you really think that everyone will want to keep their 360? Sure the sales might be high but what I want to know is what the return rate of the 360 is going to be after the holidays.

With no livingroom staying power, it could end up like my holiday virtual boy. Boxed up and either put in the closet or returned to the store.

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AllseeingEye3737d ago

they better pick up the pace because Sony is geared to compete with them this holiday season. Smart move on MS. Lets see if Sony will follow suite. Nintendo dosnt have to.

Mr_Bun3737d ago

Where the hell is Sony's advertising? You would think that they would have been out there to combat the 360 price drop.

xhi43737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Think about it. Sony doesn't really need to waste a ton of money on extravagant advertising to revitalize their console and persuade people to buy it.

The games speak for themselves.

After I read OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) feature on Fable 2 (and it's gone gold), the xbox 360 only really has Gears of War 2 as it's Epic flagship exclusive (which makes most PS3 owners without a 360 very veryyy veryyyyy jealous, but wait for the PC version to come out). While the PS3 has WipeoutHD, SOCOM: Confrontation, Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift, Little Big (freaking) Planet and last but not least RESISTANCE 2 along with a myriad of multiplat games, blu-ray player (which is a major selling point for many people I know), free online (which is another big selling point for some people I know) and the like...

Plus Metal Gear Solid 4 which will still be bought I expect. Ohhh and Bioshock, nearly forgot that.

So yeah, like Microsoft because of Vista's disappointing sales and reception, it has to market the hell out of the 360 but with no millions of dollars spent on Seinfield or Eva Longoria.

Sony has very clearly made a solid, clear, stable and long term plan for the PS3, which they are very good at maintaining, they've been in the business long enough I geuss.

EDIT: HD-DVD cut prices very quickly, too quickly, similarly to the xbox, everyone cried "Omg look at Blu-Ray they aren't reducing their prices at ALL they'll never win now!". I think you get the point.

----------------------------- -------------

After all that, Microsoft seems to love multi-million dollar marketing plans, like Vista, but is it worth it? I think they should redirect that money into acquiring first party studios to battle Sony's maybe ridiculous amount of first and second party studios. More marketing than Halo 3, maybe they are going to market Gears, which would be a very smart move I believe and their marketing I think will have a great impact on the teenage demographic, I seem to see a lot of product placement with the xbox 360 which does give the 360 a more casual, fun and cool persona. It'll be hard for Microsoft to fight Sony's first party titles like Resistance, God of War 3, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, they need more actual exclusives and price cuts are usually a bad sign so early in a consoles or ANY products life unless they are looking to clear stock, gain more sales because of a number of reasons including slowing sales and growing concern.

My rant for the day is over. Be happy and smile =D

Mr_Bun3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I agree that current PS3 owners know that Sony has an incredible lineup for the holiday season, but what about those who don't have a PS3...You are right that the games don't need advertising for you and I as we have pretty much already made up our minds on which games we are getting, but Sony needs to sell more consoles and I am worried that they are expecting people to hear by word of mouth. I don't think that is good enough. In fact one of my close friends works at Silicon Knights (insert Too Human jokes) and if it wasn't for me, he would have had no idea about LBP. I couldn't believe that he had no idea what I was talking about when I first mentioned it. Even now he still forgets the name of it and he is in the business!

CBosh43737d ago

Do you live in the US? In Europe there are tons of ads for ps3 and almost every single multiplat commercial ends with a ps3 logo. Exact opposite over in North America though.

Mr_Bun3737d ago

and you are right....every multi-plat ends with the 360 logo. I haven't seen anything PS3 related. Considering it is looking grim for a PS3 price cut, you would think Sony would be putting the word out big time in all territories.

xhi43737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Silicon Knights? They made Too Human mate, lol. They're full into Nork Mythology right? They made a game that is Xbox 360 exclusive right? I don't think he's representative of the wider non geek mass.

Everyone I know hears about what's coming out from a friend by just talking about it, you prove my point, that Silicon Knight guy stuck at his computer creating Too Human and studying Nork (or whatever) mythology heard about Little Big Planet AFTER talking to you right???

There you go!

For the other percentage of people with no mates, they usually turn to sites like IGN and such...

----------------------------- ----
EDIT: about price cuts.

And about you saying it's "looking grim for a PS3 price cut", you say it like it's a bad thing.

It's only the console's SECOND year...........SECOND YEARRRRRR. It would be TERRIBLEEE for Sony as a company if they cut the price, they are a company that wants to make MONEY right? You think if it wasn't in their best interest to cut the prices they wouldn't? Come on.

Think about it mate. They have soo many real exclusives that look to be mega hits like Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Wipeout HD, SOCOM, Motorstorm and the like, with God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, War Devil etc. around the corner driving sales and a 10 year set out plan like with the PS2 it would be disastourous to lower the price soo early on in the consoles lifecycle when at the price point (with blu-ray, free online, free wireless HDMI etc.) people are buying a lot of the PS3. It would be soo ridiculous to do such a thing, they'd be digging a grave because now they have so much lee-way too drop the price, why ruin that when they are already getting more sales than the 360 even with a SKU change and a much higher price.

Food for thought.

@ Below.

"@mr bun you commented "Ohhh and Bioshock, nearly forgot that"

but surely all PS3 owners would have played it on PC already, because apparently thats what they do? "

All PS3 owners buy Bioshock on the PC? Are you drunk?

siyrobbo3737d ago

@mr bun you commented "Ohhh and Bioshock, nearly forgot that"

but surely all PS3 owners would have played it on PC already, because apparently thats what they do?

Mr_Bun3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

You may be right about the Silicon Knights thing but you would think that since they are in the business, that his company would have heard about a game that is being hyped as much as LBP...maybe since Dyack got banned from Neogaf he doesn't let anyone surf the net there.

I still think that Sony needs to Advertise more and rely less on "word of mouth" especially if you have that many people who aren't hearing about these things. I don't know if a price drop from Sony would be the answer, but I do know that I haven't seen any advertising aimed at the "general population" here in North America and with the holiday season around the corner, I don't think that is good business.

EDIT: @slyrobbo...

what are you talking about? I never mentioned "Bioshock" or playing 360 games on the PC.

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heylo3737d ago

terrific PS3 line-up
so obvious...

Sitdown3737d ago

is done because of fear from your competitor? Wow....thanks for that insight....I was wondering why apple has so many ipod commercials.

Mr_Bun3737d ago

Yeah, but hopefully Sony doesn't get too c0cky as I haven't seen 1 ad. Sure I see all the hype about LBP and R2, but that is on gaming sites directed at people like us who are looking for them.

CBosh43737d ago

I didn't see a single commercial for MGS4 but the game sold millions. You cant underestimate the size of the hardcore gaming community. Granted there are TONS of MGS4 copies still on shelves in my area and sales charts only count sold to retailer i believe, so i have no idea if people are actually buying the game lol

DJ3737d ago

The new PS3 ads were launched in November onwards because sales for the system had pretty much sucked up to that point. I expect Microsoft to do the same since they're in the position that Sony was in back in 2007. Hopefully Sony's smart enough to realize this and starts up a new marketing blitz at the same time.

BTW, LBP needs a much better commercial that can be shown nationwide.

Mr_Bun3737d ago

I agree that MGS4 did well, but I think with more advertising, it could have done better. I am just saying that advertising does improve sales and it would appear that Sony isn't investing in that here in NA.

cherrypie3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

"ps3's terrific line up"

Clearly you're not paying attention. MS knows it has the core-gamer wrapped-up. The PS3 is handily beaten in that space. Sorry.

MS is going after the casual gamer -- the Wii owner, connected-living room, family "battle for the living room" crowd.

And, expanding the concept of the Console as "entertainment set-top box" -- things like Primtime, Avatars, Netflix and Windows Media Player (IPTV, Soft PVR, WMP Plugins and other items) are not about games directly, but about the New Xbox Experience -- the new Interactive Television.

MS isnt worried about PS3. They have Sony handily beaten in the Core Gamer market -- dont doubt it. MS is lining up against ipod/appleTV, TiVo, Comcast(etc) SetTop boxes, and social gaming ala Wii.

Clearly, PS3 isnt a concern.

Nineball21123737d ago

"MS isnt worried about PS3. They have Sony handily beaten in the Core Gamer market -- dont doubt it. MS is lining up against ipod/appleTV, TiVo, Comcast(etc) SetTop boxes, and social gaming ala Wii.

Clearly, PS3 isnt a concern."

God, I hope Microsoft thinks like you. Please let them underestimate not only the "Core Gamer market", but also Sony. Because when people just dismiss their competition, that's normally when they get their @sses handed to them.

Seriously, I hope BOTH companies pay attention to what the other one is doing because that will lead to continual improvement from BOTH, which is what every gamer should want, eh?

Personally, I think it's smart of MS to be buying lots of Ads for the upcoming Christmas season and I think Sony should be following suit.

No Way3737d ago

"Sure I see all the hype about LBP and R2, but that is on gaming sites directed at people like us who are looking for them."

Ha. So true, though. I've seen like only One Sony advertisement(for games) in the last week. But, I've already seen Three Microsoft advertisements(for games) in the last ten minutes, on the television.

Saigon3737d ago

I whave to ask a quick say sony does not advertise...but have you been to a sports event recently...they have ads all over the place...if you are focusing on just the TV ads then you need to open your eyes and ears because it depends what station you watch...I watch various ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, and Turner stations and I see various amount of PS3 multiplat and exclusive ads, such as the SWFU, I have yet to see a 360 or wii comercial for this game besides the multiplat commercial...

Again, it depends what stations you watch because I see nothing but MGS4, SWFU, the early 2008 commercial and just recently I seen the walmart exclusive LBP commercial in store...

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Why o why3737d ago

they could spend some of that money on improving xbl. Maybe add dedicated servers for some games. MS sure spend a lot on marketing and you could also say sony dont spend enough (with exception to LBP)

mboojigga3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Because it cost money to run servers and obviously for 7 years now they haven't had to do that. It is usually the actual companies that run the servers vs expecting MS to do so. The companies like MS platform because it is no cost to them to run any thing on this service. Plus if you are having problems online then it is your connection 9 times out of 10 vs blaming MS with no dedicated servers. I don't know why you accuse them of not having it when most the games on the PS3 don't have dedicated servers.
You can say Sony spent alot on marketing last year with those weird a** commercials. It is a buisness who really gives a da*n who spends what. I already have both systems.

Xelai3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

There are several games with dedicated servers on the 360, Left 4 Dead will have then for example.

Also, only some games in PSN have dedicated servers, do not know where people get these ideas that on one platforma everything goes on dedicated and on the other it doesnt.

Most played game on PSN I believe is CoD4, it hasnt got dedicated servers.

Why o why3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Whether psn existed or not, dedicated servers would be an improvement. Think of it that way. I personally hope sony foot the costs of the tekken6 servers as it is not 1st/2nd party especially since ive seen what dedicated servers can do for the ONLINE GAMING EXPERIENCE which is one of the overlooked fundamentals of xbl and psn.

Warhawk wouldn't be as expansive and as lag free as it is without D servers. Maybe if MS channeled some of that money into D servers devs could push xbl and its player counts further still maybe.... I mentioned tekken before because playing a laggy fighting game is not a great experience especially when timing and response time are crucial to fighting games.

Just because sony has some D servers doesnt mean we/I cant want more. They're not skint and if both sony and ms want to shout from the hills about their respective networks then the fundamentals should be at the forefront of their 'To Do' lists within reason of course.

Xelai3737d ago

I agree with that, but, not having dedicated servers has some advantages, such as not losing the online aspect of a game when the servers close, or suffer a serious quality degradation in just a few months time ( EA, yes, you! ). Having the ability to play with people out of your continent ( dedicated servers usually go US, Europe, Asia ), and, um, and... well I just cannot think of more right now hehe.

Why o why3737d ago

Just like warhawk and resistance. You can play on the sony servers or host games yourself

cherrypie3737d ago

" Maybe add dedicated servers"

It *BLOWS MY MIND* that some know-nothing video-game player thinks that "Maybe add dedicated servers" is some kind of insight at all.

Dont you think that MS *chooses* to build XBL *exactly* the way it is for reasons that you cannot even fathom?

You know, thinking "oh! I know!1! Maybe add dedicated servers!1!" is either useful, insightful or even remotely attached to reality is beyond me.

You havent the FOGGIEST clue what "Maybe add dedicated servers" even means to a system the cost and scale of Xbox LIVE -- or what the benefit would even be.

Perhaps they've decided that P2P networking is a *good idea*?

Please, next time you're going to try and sound smart, dont second guess hundred-million dollar services with ridiculous fanboy FUD.

Why o why3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

it wont help. Answer me this. Why cant you have larger numbers online? and why is the game with the largest player count on xbl the only one with d servers (not supplied by MS)... Coincidence? Im not and have never said MS should make supply d servers for all games. I suppose its going to cost MS too much like you care what its going to cost them. Id ask and I dont even have to pay. Ded servers doesnt solve every problem but it must help with SOME gaming issue. Your gripe seems to be the fact that i think d servers might help expand what xbl can be. kool, shoot me down and call me dupid but the fact remains that I want sony to supply some servers (FOR SOME GAMES again FOR SOME GAMES see above tekken) and im not even paying for psn so why cant you want it NOR am i asking for it for every single game. Its almost like your making the excuse for MS and 'know everything' people like yourself are the reasons MS wont budge on xbl prices. The PC gamers showed me that MS can and will budge when pushed so lets call them all fanboys.

The problem here is you think everybody that asks for things on a system they aint got is a fanboy and i know many people on this very site who only own 360's who think the same thing. I mean you pay for it and advertisers pay to be on it so why cant SOME of that money be put on servers or transfered from elsewhere. Notice there is no spite or agression here. Im just posing questions.

Why o why3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

tut tut :)

real good at giving but not so good at receiving.... ar well

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Rampant3737d ago


Freezingduck3737d ago

If your company is doing well, why would you "Launches the Biggest Marketing Blitz" ever?

If your company is dying, would you "Launches the Biggest Marketing Blitz" ever?

Pain3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

A lot of Laud A$$ Crap from M$ Playing Damage Control buy Us We the best , dont buy a PS3 Marketing blitz more annoying then Jehovah's at my Door EvEr.

LBP, RFOM 2, Scare M$ That bad its Funny.