Bungie Weekly Update

A fireside chat about graphics, gives way to more talk about combat dialog, which in turn gets to the process of checking out constantly updated versions of the game. Come on in to read about the progress of Halo 3. And some tidbits about Legendary mode.

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Evoluti0n3649d ago

Things seem to be going smoothly.

Optimus Prime3648d ago

quite a bit of info in this update. keep it up bungie.

PS360PCROCKS3648d ago

yea this update was full of tons of information, and the game seems to be done, now just fixing, testing and debugging etc.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3648d ago

they get Michael Clarke Duncan too do the voice of the Brutes.

MoonDust3648d ago

Hopefully sometime in the summer.

shotty3647d ago

actually this spring with the beta

MoonDust3647d ago

But i want to see the final build.