Kershaw: MotorStorm Pacific Rift to feature 50 Trophies

Speaking with, Evolution Studios game director Nigel Kershaw has revealed that MotorStorm Pacific Rift will feature a total of 50 Trophies for the player to unlock via a "wide-range of different challenges."

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Silogon3407d ago

Motorstorm games are lame. I hate the bikes in motorstorm, they're so lame. They don't even drive like bikes. They're a laughing stock. They steer like trucks, with you controlling the camera rather than the bike itself.

these trophies mean nothing to me as i won't be getting the game to begin with.

shadowghost7523407d ago

What how can you say that? Motorstorm rocks

Silogon3407d ago

Man, Motorstorm blows chicken cox, dood. One of the most frustrating and absurd, bland, boring games ever! Sony really needs to watch who they toss money too in the future or on for that matter.

Ninja theory, evolution, Factor 5... all of them blow and yet Sony lavished them with millions to make crappy games. They even bought evolution if I remember right. That's a lame purchase.

shadowghost7523407d ago

You are right they did buy Evolution Studios for $30 million i think, but no i disagree with you, Heavenly Sword was awesome and Motorstorm is aswell. Motorstorm is a difficult game but it the best racing game on PS3 (until WipEout HD comes out tommorrow that is)

Fishy Fingers3407d ago


Dude, you have to be the most negative person I've ever come across, you seem to hate and bash everything. You must live a boring life with such an outlook.

cahill3407d ago

that the baboon silogon keeps posting

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Fishy Fingers3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Id love to achieve the Platinum trophy in MS2, but I know some of them will be seriously challenging to get.

Bring it on.

cahill3407d ago

cant wait to see it in action on OCT 21st 2008

cahill3407d ago

will become the KING OF ALL RACING GAMES

on OCT 21st 2008

I have a feeling that M2 will get 10/10 from most websites

cahill3407d ago

thanks Justin for your article