Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Wednesday 24th September 2008

Console Monster writes: "It's Wednesday and as we previously confirmed, Duke Nukem 3D is now available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace as of today, as well as a whole range of new trailers, themes and gamer pictures. Here is the full Xbox Live Marketplace update for Wednesday 24th September 2008:

Name: Duke Nukem 3D
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions except Germany and Korea

Name: Pure Exhilaration Trailer HD
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions

Name: Pure Launch Trailer HD
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions..."

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Silogon3584d ago

Pretty lame update and here I thought PSN's updates were bad. WOW! They're a godsend to this abomination.

enjoi1873584d ago

lame wtf......lame time i check psn has updated sh!t

live has so many more tv shows and movies and games on it LOL AT PSN...

DONT EVER COMPARE THE PSN STORE TO Marketplace....LIVE HAS SO MUCH is only playing catch up and doing the worst job ever
(ONLINE FREINDS SETUP IS THE WORST PEICE OF SH!T EVER) you would figure that would be the #1 priority at least after the launch but it has been what a year and PSN is still sucking air out of Microsoft's ass ....they are trying to be more like Microsoft and what has sony accomplished...blu-ray?

jesus christ the LIVE MARKETPLACE makes enough money on its own.
LIVE has OVER 10,000 movies and shows.....LOL AT PSN(good luck catching up)

IM AM GLAD I PAY 4 dollars a month to have Live and the Marketplace...#1 at least i can invite my friends

POOR DROIDS dont know what there missing thinking that PSN is good(yeah its ok for being free...i mean last time i checked anything that was given free is USELESS)

3584d ago
kenshin22up3584d ago

where are the house bunny gamerpics i cant find them

Rhezin3584d ago

don't come in and bash others, just because PSN sucks. XBL has ALL the best arcade games, just look at how many times Castle Crashers has gotten DLd. With Duke Nukem now available sh!t everyone loves that game it'll probably sell twice as much.

Freezingduck3584d ago

BOTH services have great exclusives you moron