10 Best PS3 Games of Christmas

What's hot and what's not this Christmas on PS3? Gameplayer has constructed this list of what they believe are the games worthy of pre-order before the rush sets in. It links through to a bunch of interviews, hands-on impressions and features too for anyone wanting more information.

"Well, this is it. The PlayStation 3 has definitely had a good year, with price cuts leading to a boost in the user base and a brace of good games on the way. In fact, we would go as far as to say this generation has stated to finally hit its groove."

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shadowghost7523681d ago

Lmao at the articles main pic

UNCyrus3681d ago

It's going to be an epic fail....
Where the Valkyria Chronicles at anyways? Sony exclusive RPG!

marinelife93681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I'd kick Saints Row 2 off of that list. Far Cry 2 needs to be somewhere in there instead. And even though it's more hardcore Socom needs to be in the list as well.


agreed, saints row 2 has no business on that list socom needs to be up there

rosebowl233681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

PATHETIC list full of multiplats. there are way better PS3 games coming out than those. SOCOM: Confrontation, Valkyria Chronicles, WipEout HD, and Naruto Ninja Storm, just to name a few

Kleptic3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

agreed...although, I guess I am crazy...I am more excited for Far Cry 2 than fallout 3...fallout 3 looks great, but with so many other titles coming out, I am not looking into such a crazy big rpg right now...

socom or Wipeout HD easily send saints row 2 packing (one is a downloadable $20 game haha)...and far cry 2 over world at war ANYDAY...

nice to see Resistance 2 finally getting some deserved respect was always on these lists, but also with several question marks...yesterday's beyond impressive previews to the title show that its going to be a crazy battle this christmas between Gears 2 and Resistance 2...and right now?...advantage: Res 2...

mine would be:
Resistance 2
Dead Space
Motorstorm PR
Wipeout HD
Far Cry 2
...and thats it, at least for what I am buying day 1...and not even positive about Far Cry 2...but saints row 2 and prince of persia?...srsly gtfo...

yesah3681d ago

i dont agree with r2 in the #1 spot, and they should add N:UNS and Far Cry 2, but i agree with Fallouts placement.

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Silogon3681d ago

7 of those are multiplatform games and all 7 will look better on the inferior xbox 360. Is that irony for you all or what?

Xbox 360 is less powerful than the ps3, you all say it daily... yet it always has better looking games. You can only use the "head start" "more development time" and "ps3 is only 2 years old" for so long. Next year you're going to have to come to terms with the fact the ps3 isn't the most powerful system out... in fact, it's kind of junk bunk.

shadowghost7523681d ago

So what if 7 are multiplatform, the 360 lsit will probably have a list that has the same multiplat games on it. Regarding if it will look better or not the games are not out yet so you cannot pass judgement and your opinion is subjective i.e. people will have different opinions to you. Some consoles may excel in certain areas, for example, lighting and AI. Too very different things, it all depends if they are ports or are built from the ground up for that particular system. Mirror's Edge for example is being ported form the PS3 to the 360 as the PS3 is the lead development console.

Freezingduck3681d ago

He's just a bitter old fart who cannot appreciate gaming anymore

Sucks2BU3681d ago

For almost all of them.

Number 10 can bite me though.

Tacki3681d ago


Pretty good list in my opinion (even if I don't agree with all the numbers), but I would have replaced COD5 and SAINTS ROW with SOCOM and Wipeout HD. Other than those two I plan on getting each and every title on the list! What a great year! :)

shadowghost7523681d ago

I agree with WipEout HD and Socom, that site took ages to load. Bubbles for the list.

Sucks2BU3681d ago

I for one clicked the link and was greatful, heaps of good info in the linked stories to find.

Tacki3681d ago

Oh, I know! It's just that when I know my comment can be towards the top of the page I try to help some people out by posting the lists. At times some would rather have a quick list only, or many times folks will be at work and it won't let them onto a particular website. Or for whatever reason they just might not be able to access the page. I do it to help out those people because I've seen them asking for the lists in other articles before.

Silogon3681d ago

What's hot for PS3 this year>? their 4 exclusive games. Sadly, they're the only exclusve games they've got. 3 of which are in house exclusives and another flopped miserbaly all over the world.

MGS4 was to sell 7 million units and it didn't even sell 2 million. So much for the "big" gun!!!

Atleast we get to step back in time 2 years to the Ps3's launch and experience Motorstorm 2 and resistance 2. I mean, those are brand new IP !! I'm so glad Sony wasted no time in giving us more of the same this year! Who needs rPG's and cutting edge excluisves that don't revolve around shooting? Who needs fighting games and adventure games?

We have circa november 2006 launch games to play again!!!

shadowghost7523681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Silogon if you want an RPG import the White Knight Chronicles,

and remember patience is a virtue, Tekken 6 is coming

Freezingduck3681d ago

Typical bitter old fart who cannot appreciate anything

Remember old man, quality > quantity

Silogon3681d ago

Old man? That's scary and funny at the same time... I'm hardly old by any set standard. I'm turning 24, man. That's old? Scary.

Freezingduck3681d ago

Thank god no more Silogon for the rest of the night.

butterfinger3681d ago

You always b*tch and moan about Sony when all of us seem to be pretty pleased with what they're doing. Yet, you never offer any better alternatives. You have to play the cards you're dealt, and if this is what we are getting this generation, then we must deal with it. If you aren't happy with it, you shouldn't have rushed into buying a PS3, because I'm assuming you rushed (no person of intelligence would do a ton of research then buy a console they knew they were disappointed with). I don't really care about new IP (like most of the world. see: GTAIV, COD4, MGS4, Halo 3 sales), and more often then not, new IPs turn out to be garbage (See: Haze, Too Human, Lair).

ZackFair3681d ago

MGS4 has sold well over 4 million worldwide.

CBosh43681d ago

"I mean, those are brand new IP !! I'm so glad Sony wasted no time in giving us more of the same this year!"

You mean like Gears of war 2, Fable 2, and viva pinata 2 all of which are just more of the same?

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