The Last Remnant - 70 new screenshots

Square Enix has done another one of their massive screen updates and released these 70 new screens of The Last Remnant.

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theKiller3582d ago

this game really dos look like 360 level of quality RPG, i dont think its any better than Lost Odyssey, i checked the screens and the graphics looks just like some previous JRPG on 360, and i looked at the plains and the areas and they looked not so excited, i mean the aart in this game, the plains is so straight when there was fights and didnt look all that must detailed or that much effort was put into it, the final version can be different though,

but i think the game was help back again because of 360!

at first WKC look on par with this game but now its miles ahead of it!! it competing with FF13 now not this game!!

and i think this was because it was exclusive!!

this generation we r missing a lot of quality game for the sake of money, and in the end they dont make that much money like if they did it right!

multiplatform games 80% these days r like something to kill the time with until the big games comes!!

robotnik3582d ago

WKC looks waaay better than this game, but I dont know much about Last Remnant, so I will wait till I try it. I hope it comes to the PS3 soon...But yes, you have a point, there are great games this gen, but the past gen had even better games, although its too soon to judge what gen is or was better

coolfool3582d ago

but they I would say they are "good enough". Good enough to covey a story, to immerse you in a world. Now, whether this is possible from from the game itself is a different matter.

I don't know much about this game either but my point is just that could still be a good game even though it may not have the best graphics in the world.

bakablue3581d ago

the characters look cool....has anyone gone on wikipedia lately??? when they describe the characterts, that emma girl comes up and says she's 41.....ok is it just me or does she look like shes 20.....wikipedia is messed up!