Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty on Blu-ray after all

Danish retailer Gamebits has the formely PSN-exclusive Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty on stock in a Blu-ray edition. The price is 162 DKK ($32)

Hit the link for more information.

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Silogon3438d ago

I loved the game, but as a download. This is absurd to put this on a disc. Plain and simple. By the time you sit down and get going it's going to be time to pop it out again... the game can be beat in 3 hours tops. What is Sony thinking here? And 30 something bucks???? What is Sony trying to do, make their consumers file bankruptsy? Please, you have a 500 dollar system after 2 years on the market and your charging premium prices for all your PSN games...?

Sony deserves to be dead last, man.

moveteam3438d ago

Remember this is Europe (and a Danish retailer, and one of the most expensive in Denmark even)

FAQS3438d ago

A:I must say in Portugal is already on the stores and the price is 15 Euros, for me a reasonable price for it; a complete game costs around 65 Euros!
For you silogon I have something to say to you: You are a egoist person...Do you think in that people that don't have internet connection to the PS3? I think not, you only look for yourself don't you! I'm very sorry of guys like you!...

PirateThom3438d ago

This was on disc in the UK as well, it's the same price as the download, £9.99.

coolfool3437d ago

I'd personally prefer to pick it up on disc.

I wonder if they could have but this on DVD instead..........?

Killjoy30003437d ago

Are you sure? It's listed as $32.99.

Shane Kim3437d ago

This cost 140SEK in Sweden. 162DKK is about 180SEK. Not that bad actually. It should be around 30$.

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cahill3437d ago

lot of people prefer buying things on Blu Ray

well done SONY

mariusmal3437d ago

here in portugal is 15 euros via psn and bluray. same price ? hum i'll pick the bluray version. love to have games on physical support.

Killjoy30003437d ago

I'm relatively disapointed by the pricing. Originally, it was listed as the same price of the PSN version. I guess the Blu-Ray production will shoot the price up. I myself, love seeing my collection of games.

lilwingman3437d ago

Is this coming to NA? I've been crossing my fingers for a blu-ray release (also prefer having a physical copy). But for a 3 hour game, I can't imagine paying more than $19.99.

arvfab3437d ago

I tought it was already clear that QFB would appear also on BluRay here in Europe. I'have my copy since yesterday (although I haven't played it because of the LBP beta :P) and payed it 15,99 € here in Germany. But there are other shops which try to sell it for 19,99€.

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The story is too old to be commented.