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Silogon3584d ago

The xbox 360 is going to be unstopable in japan this year. I see it beating the Ps3 in sales by maybe a million units. It's crazy all the RPG's they're getting and not only that unanswered on sony's end. Not 1 RPG for the market from sony.

Sucks to be them.

Wildarmsjecht3584d ago

You're like...20 levels of stupid, it's amazing. The 360, beating the PS3 by 1 million units. This year. I'll remember this post, so when you're wrong, I can add it to the ever increasing pile of "Sh!t Siligon has no clue about"

godmoney3584d ago

You know this game is coming for the PS3 too right?

zenosaga043584d ago

That should be pretty hard considering Sony's outsold them 6 to 1 this year in Japan