TR: Samsung X460 14.1in Notebook - Exclusive Hands-On Preview

Riyad Emeran writes:

"Obviously the X460 isn't quite as thin and light as the X360, but weighing in at 1.84kg, it's still light enough to be carried around all day. Likewise, the dimensions of 330 x 246 x 32mm (WxDxH) are small enough to fit into most notebook bags, or even a briefcase. But the real killer blow from Samsung is that the MSRP for the X460 is going to be £999 including VAT, which means that it should be available online for less than that shortly after launch. Considering the specification, design, screen size and weight of the X460, you're getting a hell of a lot for your money. Of course I can't whole heartedly recommend the X460 until I've tested a full production sample, but from the time I've spent with this early unit, I think that Samsung could have a real winner on its hands."

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