XBLRadio: Zoids Assault Review

XBLRadio writes: "Oh, Zoids Assault, where do I begin? From the get-go, everything about this toy-inspired monstrosity screams low budget. If you've never seen one of the 80's model robots from which this game gets its inspiration, then you're not alone; I hadn't either. After playing this game, I sincerely hope I never do. It will take an amazing amount of self restraint to resist snapping their little heads off in a fit of vengeance.

I spent the first five minutes of the game watching grainy "satellite footage" of a violated battlefield cease-fire. Believe me, it's not as cool as it sounds; throughout the entire scene the Zoids never even move. It only gets worse from there. Instead of actual cutscenes, the game attempts to rely on voice acting to convey a sense of urgency in the midst of battle; this attempt is rather hit or miss. During most missions, the developers didn't even have the decency to dub in voice "talent." Instead, you're left with nothing to listen to besides boring music repeated over and over. Between missions, still anime images are used as a sort of comic book style cinematic. It starts off interesting enough, but quickly gets tedious and repetitive as you find yourself sitting through the same recurring scenes."

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P4KY B3583d ago

I have a GenoBreaker that sits in front of my TV.

Just a shame this game is so bad.