Sony and Future to launch UK's first on-console digital magazine

Future, the special-interest media group, today announces that it has signed an agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment UK to create an on-console, weekly digital magazine available exclusively through the PlayStation®Network.

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Dark_Overlord3530d ago

I.m guessing this is QORE UK then

Best part about it - "Future and SCE UK will work with third parties to incorporate exclusive content – only available to subscribers who purchase the weekly digital magazine."

Fishy Fingers3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Sounds that way doesn't it. I'll be keeping an eye on this, hopefully they can get some nice content up there.

Nice to see the UK receiving a little love though :)

xhi43530d ago

comes to Australia as well! And has more exclusive stuff than Quore for us Non Americans hehe =D

Silogon3530d ago

If it's anything like or to do with BORE, leave it alone. It's not worth your time.

theKiller3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

try to be a little optimistic, we dont know yet, and what u mean by BORE? i never heard of it, if u mean Qore then i think Qore is a good magazine, i rather have Qore with some early access of resistance 2 and LBP beta than a simple gaming magazine that at best they give u some demos and videos! Qore has all that plus the beta's access probably Qore subscribers got an invitation to HOME as well!!

besides this digital magazine could only serve HOME by paying sony to use in HOME which is good because then sony wont ask money from as to use HOME!!

so try to be optimistic a little

DolphGB3530d ago

We've had a few guesses - swing by and leave us your ideas...

SL1M DADDY3530d ago

And if they made something similar on a weekly basis, I would be first to sign up. I love seeing all the game footage in HD and not some rag of a screen shot. HD video beats out the screen shots any day. We can see what the previewers see and it makes for a better sense of what the game is going to look like better than seeing a magazine shot or two.

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