[Bugs] Known issues list for [Mass Effect Andromed

Hi all, here's a list of some of the current known bugs affecting Andromeda. The list isn't exhaustive but here's a rundown of the main issues that are known and actively being worked on. Performance Enabling Crossfire may not yield to a significant performance increase.

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AfricanWoolf295d ago

You can't dress up a turd. Admire their trying though. Bioware died when they sold out to EA - clear and steady decline. CDPR all the way babeh. And Guerilla Games for that matter.

thekhurg295d ago

Game isn't that bad. It's just in a similar situation as Bethesda is. They're stuck about eight years in the past. Bioware needs a formula reboot just like Bethesda.

RememberThe357295d ago

It is that bad though. The animation issues are more than clunky facial animations; it's random eye movements and facial expressions that are completely out of context, and it's in nearly every scene unlike Horizon which has just a few WTF moments. Plus, the voice acting (or casting) is sort of horrible too.

The game play though is really pretty good and the graphics are also really nice.

To me this seems like a pretty good action game with a crappy RPG attached to it. I'd say this games problems are less to do with formula than execution.

I'm probably being a little hard on the game but that can happen when you're not having fun.

mikeslemonade295d ago

Meh no point in fixing it when all the people care have already bought the game and started playing it. But the time they fix it the people that actually care about the game have moved on to better games.

Armaggedon295d ago

They arent stuck, its just that people want movie games. You cant get movie like quality and deep gameplay to mix.

TacticAce295d ago

This website doesnt know the official word on what bioware will do and should be ignored. The official word on what bioware will be doing is on April 4th...

Jon61586295d ago

Have you even played the game? Its actually quite good once you get past these overblown issues. Gameplay is solid and fluid better than the past 3 thr amount of content is better. People say there are too many go here tasks etc. ALL RPGS HAVE THOSE TYPE OF TASKS. They are just dressed up differently. But it is still fo here kill tia claim reward.

Armaggedon295d ago

Thats what I am saying. People keep worshipping the Witcher 3's quest, not realizing its the same crap, just with a cutscene attatched to

Armaggedon295d ago

This game is far far from a turd. Its like people forgot what real bad games look like. The Witcher 3 was apparently so boring, that two of my friends could not even get past the first 10 minutes. They were able to get into Mass Effect though.

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FlameWater295d ago

I started Mass Effect from 2, this just confirms my intuition Andromeda was just a beta.

Sam Fisher295d ago

As i said before you cant fix the animations simply, it a overhaul and it still wont fix everything. Look at alien colonial marines, 8 gb overhaul still shit. They just gonna move on sooner or later

Gwiz295d ago

You'd need sorcery to fix Alien Colonial Marines.

295d ago
dkp23295d ago

pr talk. Placebo effect. Say the game is updated and really nothing is fixed. Doubtful anything can be fixed in terms of the game mechanics and animations.

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The story is too old to be commented.