Street Fighter IV Boxart Revealed

Capcom-Unity has revealed the boxart for Street Fighter IV for both the US and UK versions. The US version features Chun-Li on the front while the UK version features Ryu.

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Tacki3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I'm really digging both covers! Though I have to say... Ryu's face looks a little funny to me on the Europe boxart. lol

Bengoshi-San3402d ago

Loving the Chun-Li cover.

jay23402d ago

Still not buying a 2D gane for what is $80ish.

[email protected]3402d ago

To sincere... I don't like it but the important part its not the cover but the game inside of the case =P

Reibooi3402d ago

The Ryu cover makes me remember why I hate the way the game looks. Ryu looks like a Ogre. The Chun-li one is ok though

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