Can the PC Modding Community Save GTA IV?

Kris Erickson writes:

"So, how can Rockstar handle the release of the PC version to help ensure that it adds to, rather than dampens, fan interest? Simple: make it as open and moddable as possible."

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blu3print3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

with the open architecture of the PS3 seen in action with UT3, R* should have allowed modding of the PS3 version. But hey, could have been in the works but who would pay $50m. so their customers can get to pay for DLC when the competiion's customers are making it for free.

I have this game, 1st GTA I have not played to completion, the PC modding community can't save it in terms of sales, cause we all know they'll be a million torrents on launch day (not endorsing it though)

butterfinger3584d ago

with UT3's modding capabilities. In this new age of DLC, DD, and microtransactions out the as*, I doubt we will get many more games that can be modded on consoles.

Ben10543584d ago

gta mods on PS3
that would be

Ben10543584d ago

about not finishing my last comment, i fainted from the thought of how awesome that would be