NZGamer: Mirror's Edge Hands On & Interview

NZGamer writes: "At the GCA event in Singapore this year, I was lucky enough to check out Mirror's Edge, the forthcoming first person action/adventure (not a shooter!) from DICE, the makers of the Battlefield games. I also got to interview Tom Farrer, a producer on the game, who kindly showed me how not to fall to my death every time I tried to jump from building to building.

The game has several key things going for it. The graphics are refreshingly bright, and turn what could have been a stark and uninteresting urban landscape into something that is very aesthetically pleasing ("We're so fed up with games that were brown!" said Tom). Colour is put to good use – the basic environment is depicted in shades of blue, while objects you can interact with (such as particular walls, ramps, and pipes) are shaded in reds and oranges. It helps make things extremely clear at a glance, while actually adding to the graphical style."

The Good: Great graphical style; fun gameplay.

The Bad: Controls and perspective may not be to everyone's taste.

The Ugly: Falling - constantly - to your death.

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