Videogamer: Wario Land: The Shake Dimension Review

Videogamer writes: "2D platformer fans have had a hard time in recent years. Since 3D became all the rage the simple side-scrolling platformer seems to have become a relic from yesteryear, forcing old school gamers to get what they can from retro re-releases, remakes and compilations. Wario Land: Shake Dimension must look like a tropical oasis in the middle of a desert to these gamers, with its slick cartoon-like visuals and classic platform jumping gameplay. It would be relatively easy to let a fairly uninspired platformer waltz in and dazzle us, but thankfully Nintendo knows better than to dish out disappointment.

The Shake Dimension is in trouble. Queen Merelda has been imprisoned by the Shake King and the bottomless sack of coins has been claimed by the tyrant. A pirate going by the name Captain Maple Syrup (only in a Nintendo game could this person exist) wants the bottomless sack of coins for herself so sends Wario a way in to the Shake Dimension so he can ransack it of its gold. Thankfully one of Merelda's subjects escapes and convinces Wario to help the Queen and your adventure through the strange Shake Dimension begins."

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