Microsoft Store Filter Possibly Showing Upcoming Xbox Backwards Compatible Games

The Microsoft Store digital sales filter could very well be showing a selection of new games becoming Xbox Backwards Compatible titles in the future. The filtered list includes a pile of already released Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games that could point to these games also joining the mix.

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356d ago
AmUnRa356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Yes its great that you can play your old Xbox360 games that you already have and played, ore must buy them second hand and play them on your Xbox One. And that great cous your Xbox One is not flushed with Xbox One excl. games.....infact you can play brand new excl. Xbox One games on your pc.🙄🙄

SegaGamer356d ago

You people really are getting boring now. Every article about backwards compatibility, there is always someone like you saying the same thing. You're like a broken record.

tinynuggins356d ago (Edited 356d ago )



TheUndertaker85356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

And now you're able to play PS4 games on your PC.

Sorry Xbox One offers backwards compatibility instead of constant remasters to attempt replacing backward compatibility or a monthly fee to play last gen games downgraded.

Cupofjoe356d ago

It is sad xbox one is mainly for 360 games like it or not its the facts but long as yall happy...damn fussing yall do iver remasters yall good with straight last gen lol

Bigpappy356d ago

Why are you so worried about what others are doing? PS4 and Switch are there for anyone how want their exclusive to purchase and many who want them have done that. So what exactly is your issue. From where I sit you people are trolls and the mods need to reel you idiots in because you contribute Zero to the conversation about BC.

hermsgerms356d ago

What's the issue with people wanting to play 360 games? I just finished the Mass Effect Trilogy thanks to BC (and EA Access), without it I don't think I would've been able to enjoy such a great trilogy.

TheUndertaker85356d ago

Right? Backwards compatibility doesn't cost $30 to $60, allows XOne features like screenshot and video capture, allows users to transfer their progress, earn achievements, and the exact same game.

Not to mention most 360 titles that are backward compatible run more efficiently on Xbox One. 🙂

ger2396356d ago

I guess the issue people have is that instead of exclusive, we get bc. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome feature without a doubt. But I don't think people bought an Xbox to play bc games. Just my opinion on the matter.

TheUndertaker85356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

@ger2396: Then I'd state as a fact, not opinion that Xbox One offers both exclusives and backwards compatibility.

As a matter of fact one could easily argue boosting your library with remasters, citing them as exclusive does not make them exclusive.

I'd rather have the cheaper option that includes features added as a selling point to remasters at no cost rather than the illusion of a new product with a new product price.

TheUndertaker85356d ago

GTA San Andreas going backwards compatible would make sense as Xbox One didn't get a version where as PS4 got it upgraded at a cost

Gman32356d ago

Dude the gta san andreas on ps4 was a upgraded ps2 version you forgot rockstar had a remaster gta san andreas 720p for xbox 360 and ps3 so thats the one xboxone via backswards compatible will get if this is true

TheUndertaker85356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

They are all iOS ports in the long run. The iOS version was the first to receive 720p, achievement support(iOS offers an achievement system), then removed two player support.

Xbox 360 had a classic variation before that. PS3 later received it when 360 received the iOS port giving it achievements & "720p". PS3 later received that variation. PS4 then received its "1080" version. Even the iOS version is modified from the PS2/Xbox versions.

None of them are actually remasters. Textures and assets are not being redone for any of these products. They're merely applying an upscaling algorithm to the PS2/Xbox versions and scaling up then tacking in achievement/trophy support which is quite simple. Xbox One demonstrates that photo and video capture can be done by the system as backward compatible Xbox 360 titles on the system allow those features.

To put it easily:
PS2/Xbox: 480p(maybe not even p)
PS3 Classics &OG Xbox 360 version: 480p (PS2/Xbox port)
iOS, PS3, & Xbox 360 version: 720p upscaled from the PS2/Xbox product
PS4 version: 1080 upscaled from the PS2/Xbox product

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