Fillion’s Cayde-6 Fills Us In On the Destiny 2 Trailer Reveal Date of March 30th

EB: Bungie has released a cinematic trailer to tease the official Destiny 2 trailer, which is set to drop on March 30th a 1PM EST. The trailer stars Cayde-6, but in reality it stars Nathan Fillion, who is the voice actor behind the Guardian. It’s a perfect marriage of his sarcastic tone and the game’s setting, so you must check it out above even though its just a tease for the real thing.

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Summons75600d ago

I don't like announcements of announcements but this was a fun trailer, also smart idea to use the best (and let's be honest only character with personality) for the trailer.

RyanShutup600d ago

Cayde 6 is giving off them Deadpool vibes. love it.

MyDietEqualsGames600d ago

I still say he can be Drake in the Uncharted movie. Whatever is going on with that. Lol.

600d ago
AngelicIceDiamond600d ago

The trailer is all about character. Now I dunno if thats suppose to be us or a specific character to have a light hearted, fun type of personality (since there's story this time). The game doesn't seem to be taken itself too serious which is good considering ppl never took the gametoo serious besides grinds and upgrades (virtually no story anyway hard to connect to anything in the world). Its fun easy approach to the game overall I like the trailer.

Erik7357600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

Really needs a improved supporting cast and missions.

Sevir600d ago

lol. There's Story... Perhaps Vanilla Destiny struggled to tell it cohesively, but The Taken King and Rise Of Iron told cohesive stories with references from smaller expansions and vanilla destiny...

The misinformation and crap slinging of this is really silly.

Erik7357599d ago (Edited 599d ago )

Well some people dont like paying $120+ to get a complete game.

Sevir598d ago


The Destiny Universe isn't complete...
People have paid more for games that do far less

And from what I heard, last year people got the entire Destiny 1 experience for $60...

Erik7357598d ago

At the end of the day what I was saying wasn't misinformation, your being way to defense, I pointed out a valid flaw and the story blowed ass in it if you didn't pay for expansions.

And it shouldn't blow ass in the base game.

gangsta_red600d ago

May have to jump on board and see what the talk of the town for this game was all about. I have a friend who swore by this game. As soon as it released he dropped every other game for this one here.

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The story is too old to be commented.