"Sorry Mario, but the Princess is in another castle…polishing her AK-47."

Andrea Krantz writes:

"Since Fat Princess's recent announcement, much has been said regarding the stereotypical princess in games. Feminists generally aren't receptive to the whole "damsel in distress needing to be saved" persona (especially when it's paired with uncontrollable binge eating, like it is in Fat Princess). Being a female myself, I see their point here, but unlike them, I don't believe the answer lies in abolishing characters like this altogether. With the proper makeover, I believe any princess has badass potential."

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dib8rman3584d ago

I almost had hope that this would of been a constructive article by a female on a subject that is hard on the edges, but it seems this is either a joke or drivel written from a "hardly-core" narrative.

My guess is that this was supposed to be funny though, but I guess my humor meter is broken. The first paragraph recieves a firm 6/10 everything else holds a steady 3/10.