Are You Ready for More Halo?

Britney Zilz writes:

"For those of you who wanted to cry as you finished Halo 3, I have some good news for you: Microsoft is not done with Halo yet. We all know that an RTS, Halo Wars, is in the works, but that's not all. That's right, there's more to come; it's time to celebrate."

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Silogon3673d ago

No, not really. you can have Gaylo and it's lameO' lead character. He's such a smack jacker anyways. Anyone who likes Haylo, also likes knock off no name brand cereal like, Magic Marshmellow moons and stars and Fruit rounds.

Montrealien3673d ago

said the grumpy troll.

need a hug?

I like Halo, and I can't wait for the Masterchief's Halo Charms, I hear Post cereals are planning to make them along with Halo plastic guns as suprises in them. The word is they will start selling them at the launch of Halo 5. ANd you know what? Millions of people will by them!


Sony Rep3673d ago

I couldn't care any less than I do now.

Xelai3673d ago Show
InMyOpinion3673d ago

Yes, you could. If you didn't care you wouldn't be in here commenting.

Montrealien3673d ago

I don`t think he will answer, eh well. I`m looking forward to anything Halo.


hes not quick enough to make a comeback

cherrypie3673d ago

Well, you took the time to comment -- so, clearly you care.

And, if you care about the industry, perhaps the best reviewed and best selling new video-game series of the last 10 years might just be interesting to you?

Or, are you trolling and belong with the other FUD-sters in the >open>zone>?

No Way3673d ago

Don't care? Then why are you here?


@Montrealien - I agree. I love Halo. People seem to think it's just "another shooter for kids." But, the game is great, and I love playin online with friends.

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Fishy Fingers3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Yeah, and I was ready for it on the 16/9/08 when did the interview. Or if you prefer.

We've already had more NEW info come out since then, 1 piece which confirmed Bungies next game is Halo related >

ape0073673d ago

bring on r2,gears2,saints2,lbp,ms2

Montrealien3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Those are all great game you named there. I am sure I'll have been through all of them once whatever these new Halo games are come out. So YES!

More Halo games is a good thing if you like the franchise, which a few million seem to, if not, you should not care. Enjoy the games you like.

Silogon3673d ago

This franchise just never hooked me. It was too generic. The walls reminded me of really old dreamcast games and the whole "duke" controller the xbox had was off putting. I went back and tried to like Halo 2 with the smaller controller and just hated it... Then with Halo 3. I just don't like the series.

It's just not fun to me. Its rather bland and boring and the story is so cheesy I can't even begin to take it seriously. Halo, for some reason, has this giant cult following like Troll2, only that one is warrented. Halo's is not.

Montrealien3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Huge Cult Following eh? May I say Oxymoron?

I do respect the fact that you don't like it, don't care really though. But the real question is, can you respect the people that do like it?

InMyOpinion3673d ago

"The walls reminded me of really old dreamcast games"

Try zooming in on the ground or tree textures in the first forest level(or any other level) of Halo 3.


Man I can't wait for more Halo but, I really can't wait until Siligon has no more bubbles

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