"psu:10-minute resistance 2 video blowout"

Alright, here they are, as promised; the videos below contain a glorious 10 minutes of in-game footage from Resistance 2. In the first video, explosions abound and limbs fly as Neaten Hale battles furiously through wave after wave of Chimera in the single-player campaign. In the second, hardened heroes band together and fight the Chimera in the game's co-op mode, then 60 players face off in the massive competitive online multiplier mode. Now that Resistance 2 is officially astounding, only one question remains -- why are you still reading this? Watch the videos already

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ZackFair3586d ago

A true showcase for the PlayStation 3.

A7mmud3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Many grims are attacking at once in the second video . I wonder how PS3 won't have a framerate drop!!!

can't wait

TheTwelve3586d ago

You have any clue how good this will look on my 42" Bravia? ANY CLUE? My goodness...


Mr_Bun3586d ago

I am going to have to re-mortgage my house this holiday!

SL1M DADDY3586d ago

And a true treat for me. I cannot wait to play this game. I played through the first one again just to get acquainted with the story yet again and have to say that I am so eager to get back into the world of Resistance.

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WildArmed3586d ago

I cant seem to load up the video on all my computers =/
Hopefully they fix it soon.
(the video box doesnt even show up lol)
Either way.. day 1 buy =D
I need more to drool on! lemme watch this!

dro3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

is it just me or are the videos not loading up >:I

Julie3586d ago

dro i just saw it , try now , i love the fog, and the textures, there is a lot of gore too, that clip have a really nice feeling :=)

Hellsvacancy3586d ago

but after 30secs i turned it off - i dont wanna see to much of it

Looks great though

dro3586d ago


holy sh!T did u see tha giant a$$ robot!!!.... i swear in 8 players co op mode it would be very fun/intresting taking down the robot!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.