White knight chronicles to run in native 1080p with FF XIII image quality

Here is what Dengeki scans of WKC say-

-First RPG on the market to be native 1080p
-Storyline quality on par with that of DQ series story lines
-Image quality approaching that of Final Fantasy
-Aspects reminiscent of Monster Hunter

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'_'3251d ago

{Thank you level-5 for this excellent ps3 exclusive,I will import it from japan come december}

Bill Gates3250d ago

You see BABOONS, this can ONLY be done on the PS3...AHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

pwnsause3251d ago

Well this is truly megaton.

cahill3251d ago

It could exceed 2m according to some analysts at NIKKEI
I think WKS will be bigger than FF13 but not as big as FF13 versus

jaysquared3251d ago

Well it better run at 1080p native after 2 years worth of delays. Wasn't this game suppose to be a launch title for the PS3 and still now out.

n4gzz3251d ago

this game really excites me.

TOO PAWNED3251d ago


Lets not overhype it. Dont give a chance to you know who later to say but but but...
WKS is new IP and especially in Japan it is hard for new IP to break into the market. For example amazing Rogue Galaxy sold only 400k in Japan, lifetime! And RG in my book is better than DQ8 that sold over 2 million in Japan, japanese are very strange so go figure....

That said i still expect WKS to be big in Japan and in first week i expect between 300k-500k. Life time it should get over 1 million but it will take some time. Of course it depends if Sony will bundle it as they should.

sonarus3251d ago

I have been hyping this game alone for almost a yr. Glad to see some of you guys are joining the band wagon:D

I really didn't expect close to FFXIII visuals or 1080p native but with the one yr delay it really looks like level 5 is going all out with this. The game creator already said its the greatest title he has ever worked on and he thinks it will spawn many sequels. Considering level 5 makes ace JRPG's for them to say one is the greatest they ever made means its going to be awesome

This is the JRPG to get. The only JRPG that can stand on the level of WKC is FF at this point. Can't wait to play

Blasphemy3251d ago

This game was just announced last year with a 2008 release date. I love how people just make stuff up.

season0073251d ago

LOL yeah totally agree

Every single title on PS3 is delayed Launch Title ROFL>....

I have seen people saying things like..."Isn't it supposed to be launch title?" for like couple hundred times...

B-Rein3251d ago

WOW, WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!1 I cant wait for this the the 1st true next gen rpg, OWAH!!!! I jus GOTTA LOVE LEVEL 5, CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

(sori for caps in jus over reactive rite now over this game)

badz1493251d ago

this game makes more promises and I really hope that these are true! here's hoping for the best RPG ever!

sonarus3251d ago

Actually back at TGS last yr the developers hinted they were aiming for an early 2008 release in Japan...guess it wasn't so early afterall:)

And the game WAS NOT announced last yr, it was announced before PS3 launched but it was not supposed to be a launch title

psycho3603250d ago

@cahill / tanod
"I think WKS will be bigger than FF13 but not as big as FF13 versus "

Why bigger than FF13 (cuz its also on 360) and not as big as FF13 versus (ps3 exclusive). Did i miss anything else ?

TheHater3250d ago

Dude, I have been more hype for this game since the Tokyo Game Show in 2006. I been saying a long time now, that I want this game more than Final Fantasy and have been getting a lot of disagree for than.

juuken3250d ago

Lol @ jaysquared.
Someone needs to do a bit of research before they scream 'delay!!!!'.
Oh man...this game...I'm speechless again.

gaffyh3250d ago

That sounds awesome. Lol @ jaysquared's wrongness

sonarus3250d ago

@hater i guess i wasn't alone afterall:)

I too want this game for than FFXIII and versus. I honestly think level 5 is going to do something amazing

Saigon3250d ago

thats all i could say...

Homicide3250d ago

Cahill, you're so freaking delusional. WKS is not going to be as big as FFXIII. Versus won't be as big as FFXIII. No level-5 game, except the Dragon Quest game, has sold over a million in Japan.

Homicide3250d ago

Wow, I just lost a bubble for speaking the truth. Alright FFXIII sucks because its on the 360. Versus and White Knight Chronicles are the only AAA JRPGs this gen.

Overr8ed3250d ago

yay 1080p! first RPG to have that res, Level 5 should be proud. And that is the power of the Ps3 when people take their time.

3250d ago
Marquis_de_Sade3250d ago

Homocide showed just how lame you guys are. Im amped for this game, but better/bigger than final fantasy 13? come off it xD

theusedfake3250d ago

I can't wait, it looks completely amazing

Panthers3250d ago

not one disagree. That is surprising with over 30 agrees.

Montrealien3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

How is this a megaton? The PS3 has been out for 2 years now, games should all run in native 1080p, like I was promised by Sony. It is the more powerful of the two real current gen consoles.

I can't wait for this game though, just finished Rogue Galaxy last week, really looking forward to this one, an it's nice to know the game will look great in full 1080p.

prowiew3250d ago

This is good news. Too bad my hdtv is not 1080p. Anyway, I want to see more of this game. It looks interesting on tgs.

GametimeUK3250d ago

The home of the BEST RPG's

Homicide3250d ago

^^^How many does the PS3 have?^^^

iamtehpwn3250d ago

These guys are the makers of Dark Cloud.
They're ef'in g's.

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cahill3251d ago

only possible on PS3

also Wipeout HD is being released tomorrow

please dont forget it --It runs at 1080p native at full 60 fps

Statix3251d ago

I'm really trying think of why the 360 doesn't have many 1080p games, while the PS3 has a good number of them now. While I'm pretty certain the PS3 is the stronger system overall, with more performance potential, one common line of thinking out there is that the 360 has stronger GPU component, and that it's generally the easier system to develop for. At least that's one line of thinking.