New Sony Blu-ray Players Aimed At Low Price Point

In an interesting development that may de-value it's own PS3, Sony is focusing on more user-friendly price points to promote its two new Blu-ray Disc players. The new models, showcased at a Sony event today, are aimed at current DVD and HDTV users who have previously been priced out of the market.

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Silogon3467d ago

About time Sony drops the price of their damn hardware; you'd think they were made of gold. Sony hasn't dropped price of any of their products in 4 years it seems. hell, the ps2 is still 150 bucks or something. Shouldn't it be like 100 bucks by now? Please. the Ps4 is still 400 and 500, shouldn't it be like 300 by now? sony's so stupid when it comes to their value of their products it makes me laugh at their last place position more and more.

Silogon3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Edit to below: Cahill

You are outta your mind if you think they're selling 6 million units from now to the end of the year ahahahhahahaahha!!!

Ps3 is at 16 million world wide right now, and that is being very generious. they will sell, maybe 2.5 million world wide from now to the end of the year. You are absolutley crazy if you think they're hitting 6 million sold by years end and even more so if you think their world wide total will be 22 million ahhaahhahahahaahahaha!

My predictions for the holidays

wii - 4.4 million units sold
Xbox 360 - 3.6 million units sold
Ps3 - 2.3 million units sold

These are actually logical.

cahill3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

SONY sold 5m ps3s last year during NOV-DECEMBER worldwide

and this year they will sell less with such a stellar lineup???
SONY sold 2.5m PS3s in europe last year during November/December without any major game

Now they have a super duper library + 7 awesome titles this Fall
add WKS to the list and u can add atleast 300=-500k for Japanese sales during that time


PS3 sold 1.2m consoles in US alone last nov/december and US last year was their slowest region. They sold 2x as much in europe last year than US during November/December

NA was around 1.5m
EU/PAL was aroound 3m
Japan was between 300k-320k

and u think PS3 will sell less than last year

x360 --3.6m ???? How??
PS3 -2.3m???? How

PS3 will outsell x360 2:1 in europe ATLEAST this Fall

In USA sales would be neck and neck or x360 will be slightly ahead

In Japan PS3 will have atleast 300k advantage due to WKS

PS3 will sell 3m ATLEAST in europe alone this DECEMBER/NOVEMBER

Freezingduck3467d ago


Gam713467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

its a shame you and nasim don't have 2 bubbles as well.

Nasim sprouting his uneducated wishful thinking nonsense.
The 360 beat the ps3 last holiday ww.

Look it up.

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cahill3467d ago

You are som embarrassing

PS3 is the second most selling console in the world. With stellar titles like R2/M2/LBP/SOCOM/NARUTO/VALKYRI E this Fall do you think PS3 wont sell like crazy this Fall??

SONY will be selling atleast 6m ps3s WW in Nov/Dec

You are looking at 22-23m ps3s by the end of this year

dont be surprised if R2/M2 and LBP shatters records in reviews and sales

pwnsause3467d ago

now that they are setting themselves up for a successful holiday season, im going to be like T.O. now to the Naysayers, Get ya Popcorn Ready.

cahill3467d ago

every naysayer has gone into hiding
cuz they know whats coming their way in October/November/December

fufotrufo3467d ago

Don't bother with him silogon ..cahill suffers from a severe case of touch with reality and severe bullshit creations out of his ass

don't get near ..its dangerous

cahill3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

You are talking even when your console is dead In Japan and europe


Hilarious u will be seeing some tears in October and november when R2/LBP and M2 land

Oh WKS launch in Japan will be too painful for you

fufotrufo3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Playstation is dead in Japan and pretty much tie with 360 in Europe and about to get ass kicked this holiday everywhere by 360 ..price xbox experience,fable 2,gears 2,fallout 3,Left 4 dead exclusivity and more.. stop being delusional kid

Gam713467d ago

If its dead in japan how come its actually beat the ps3 twice in less than 4 weeks?

It doesn't matter if there were two big releases as well as a price cut because its supposed to be dead?

The fact is when its selling normally (barring the two weeks of shortages that you'll no doubt bring up and act like it those sales are the norm) its a 3rd to half the sales of your choice in console.

If its dead then the ps3 is languishing not far behind.

the fact is all 3 consoles will sell this chrimbo.

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