Has Capcom Forgot About Onimusha & Dino Crisis For This Gen?

Thatgamingsite writes:

It seems that Capcom has announced a lot of games for this gen consoles but they seemed to missed out two of the titles.

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TrevorPhillips3554d ago

Does anyone know if Capcom announced any of those 2 titles?

tplarkin73554d ago

The only reason Onimusha sold well was due to it being an early game on PS2. It was overhyped because people thought the pre-rendered movies were realtime.

I never played Dino Crisis.

barom3554d ago

I actually loved Onimusha. I never did finish any of them though but I really liked the third one and would've loved to revisit it if I can find the time. From what I can remember it had some pretty cool puzzles and the combat was pretty good too. Not really DMC good or anything but it was fun.

Dino Crisis I couldn't care less about at the time since it was basically RE with a dino costume on the zombies. But now that RE series has been converted to an action game I would love to see them do a REAL survival horror game in which case I wouldn't mind a new Dino Crisis though personally I don't find Dinos that scary so something new would've been better in my opinion.

TrevorPhillips3554d ago

Dino Crisis Onimusha where awesome titles i hope they release both those titles for this gen. A new Dino crisis with the resident evil 5 graphics will be awesome :)

'_'3554d ago

{they will be announced exclusively for ps3}

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The story is too old to be commented.