PS3 Left For Dead By Valve

If you are a fan of any Valve games, combining that with a love of the Sony console means that something has had to give. That compromise has come in the shape of EA being allowed to port games to the PS3.

GamerChip examines the implications of this predicament and why poorer versions of games from Valve are set to continue for PS3 gamers.

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lnfinite3582d ago

Thank you but no thank you Valve,we will be too Busy with Resistance 2 to Care for a Mediocre Looking shooter such as Left for Dead

Crazyglues3582d ago

yeah It really sucks that valve has no love for us on the PS3

BLuKhaos3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

yawn,yeah stick with your little ticking RROD flop bomb.It'll go off any second now......

dukadork3582d ago

who cares about these old PC hasbeens? they're done, finished, dinosaurs.

we have R2, LBP, Wipeout, Socom plus all the other 3rd party who actually know about console dev.

[email protected] off valve, go hang yourself, only retards and wankers will miss you

JasonPC360PS3Wii3582d ago

Valve has earned Game of the Year for every game they have ever made.

Stevo353582d ago

Sure, I played the Orange Box stuff and while Portal was a neat game, I wont loose any sleep over it.

The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie

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lnfinite3582d ago

Therefore,please Proceed as Planned with the PC and Flopbox release

dirtrider3582d ago

ps3- left behind, left for dead. im just glad my 360 is still consistenly beating the ps3. the cell sucks, rsx sucks- it cant even do hdr lighting- lmfao. sony you failed with ps3, do us all a favor and just pull the pos off retail shelves.

nonAsianDroid3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

RESISTANCE 2 will be nothing but a pc reject my fellow nerd.

Left 4 dead will be nothing but a superfast gory zombie shooter blast .

who can't bow down to that?? , well not a mindless geek asian wannabe that downloads nothing but anime and doesnt realise that bluray saved the WaitStation3000


BLuKhaos3582d ago

funny you mention that seeing as the 360 is the better console for the japs.

jkhan3582d ago

After OrangeBox for PS3, i say no thank you. Keep the game to yourself.

Shankle3582d ago

Aw yeah man that game was so stupid. You never even saw the main character's face, or even his hands when he picks up stuff. It's like he's got some kind of stupid magic power. And the enemies are all the same and stuff.

Jamie Foxx3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

for their last few games ps3 has been the lead so they know the ps3 arcitecture now,so sites trying to spin this as a negative are just trying to flame

and lack of instal base? ,and multi-plat games are on par now as they should be,gamerchip your talking anal

cemelc3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Valve thinks it can do great without the PS3 be my guest, It is your choice. But be advice if the PS3 win this console war you better be damn prepared cos you will have the PS3 owners pretty much angry out of their mind at the excuse of company you are.

You got the money.
The teams to do the job.
A way of distribution.

The only reason they are not doing the games is cos they are scared of coding in anything different than a Pc

thePatriot3582d ago

valve, left for dead by ps3.

Rob0g0rilla3582d ago

Maybe that's why they aren't porting it to PS3. It won't be the same quality, people will feel very ripped off like they were with The Orange Box, and it's not our fault.

StephanieBBB3582d ago

Thier games are far from innovative. They are making games that they know will sell. And they refuse to learn how to develop for the PS3 when that would actually probably make them a better developer overall.

Are they afraid of making an mistake so the ps3 version will be worse or are they just incredibly stubborn as a developer?

thewhoopimen3582d ago

After seeing 8 player coop on r2, i don't think left 4 dead is that compelling anymore.

uie4rhig3582d ago

most of the money that EA gets, comes from PS3 software.. since they have found that out, their PS3 development is much better than it was before.. so i doubt this port will be the same as the TOB game if it does get ported by EA.. it'll probably be a lazy port if it gets ported by VALVe..

MiloGarret3582d ago

I'm going to go ahead and suppose that you were being sarcastic with your comment, otherwise you just took the price for most ignorant comment on the internet today.

Or maybe you are like 10 years old and have NO IDEA what makes a video game great and why HL & The Orange Box are considered to be extremely important games.

psnDevistator3563582d ago

Im never going to buy any of their games on a console, especially how they treated sony. F_UCKING let EA port WTF? Im pretty tired of EA Sh1ting on everything. ALSO F_UCK its new stupid DRM thing for my games on pc. Had to remove that stupid download manager sh1t that they put on when I got crysis warhead.

trancefreak3582d ago

my exact frustration too totally agree man. I will buy valve games from steam and play computer games until my 8800 gtx is no longer a viable card.

Yipee Bog3582d ago

that dev team uses outdated software that looks like a pc game 10 years ago. the ps3 port was crap

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schmeidenkamp3582d ago

stop being lazy and give us a dam port. i still say orange box for ps3 wasn't half bad. i honestly dont care for either R2 or Killzone, so left 4 dead would be good for me : /

n4gzz3582d ago

you brought the wrong console. buy arcade 360.

schmeidenkamp3582d ago

i realize im missing out on two 'great' titles, but i bought my ps3 for mgs4, and the fact that it wont break

Omegasyde3582d ago

Xbox Pro( 20 gig) $250 + Live ~$40 + Wireless network Adapter ~$70 = $360
Not including extended warranty and only 1 year of Xbox live calculated

So Xbox 360 pro 20 gb (~$360) +
$400 Which is 80 gig + Blu-ray player
free online gameplay for life of console.

VF34EJ253582d ago

I'm sorry but in my opinion I'd rather have R2 and KZ2 than the exploited Counterstrike Source Zombie mod using that outdated engine. If I wanted to play Left4Dead, i'll just load up my CS:Source and play 30 vs 30 player co-op all day long. L4D is just a sad excuse to milk something that people's been playing for years.

Kleptic3582d ago

the orange box wasn't broken, save TF2...I played through everything else and it was more than acceptable (although controlling Half-life 2 without a m/k was ridiculously bad)...some framerate and loading issues here and there...but nothing out of control...

TF2 is a mess though, and will remain one...but, as mentioned above, those devs that ported it now have more experience with the PS3...and as Left 4 Dead uses the same Source engine anyway, there shouldn't be too much trouble for them to get it running well...

hell the game will run on pretty much any PC since 2005...its not a tall order in any sense of the phrase...this game doesn't even look as good as Halo 3 or even Haze (arguably the bottom of the barrel as far as current gen shooters go, at least hyped shooters)...but it has gameplay to make any co-op shooter fan do a back flip...

I'll get it either way...I would just much rather play it on my PS3 through the PSN, than on my business laptop...

No Way3582d ago

Not all 360's break. I'm still on my first console, and it was a launch console.

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