5 Perfect Games For Couples

Double XP highlight a few great games to play as a couple.

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Fist4achin237d ago

I would also like to add Katamari and Little Big Planet to the list.

237d ago
fenome237d ago

Glad to see Borderlands on there! Those are me and the wife's favorite games to co-op.

PlayableGamez-237d ago

Honorable mention:
Until Dawn
Although it's not a coop game, it is still a nice game that can be played with a partner or even a friend or family member. I played this game with my oldest niece and she quite enjoyed the experience.

fenome237d ago

I really need to pick that one up, I've heard nothing but positive response about it from the community. I don't know what's taken me so long to get it.

Muzikguy237d ago

It's a great game! Well worth the $20 and it's frequently on sale for less than that

PlayableGamez-237d ago

It's underrated.
Some people don't like it because it's cheesy, but that's what makes the game all the better.

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jgilbert11237d ago

Overcooked is a great game if you want to yell at your girlfriend like Gordon Ramsey

fenome237d ago

Definitely going to get overcooked, sounds fun.